Using trading signals, you can copy trading strategies from thousands of traders from across the world straight into your MT4 platform.

See the signals. Follow the leaders.

  • Access thousands of ready-made trading strategies
  • Place trades automatically
  • Simple execution

Share your strategies

There are millions of MT4 users around the globe. You can develop your own strategies and make them available for others to follow.


AxiTrader believes every trader should have the freedom to pursue the style of trading they prefer. That's why we allow traders to apply third-party Forex Trading Signal technology to our MT4 platform.

However, when using third party plugins and strategies, clients should be aware that significant differences can exist between hypothetical performance and actual trading results. Hypothetical performance cannot be guaranteed and often does not factor in financial risk, ability to withstand losses or ability to adhere to a particular trading strategy in spite of losses.

AxiTrader accepts no responsibility regarding the reliability or suitability of this technology for your individual account.

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