Need to fuel your trading account? Just add oil.

Trading Oil with AxiTrader

Oil’s importance in fuel and industry makes it one of the world’s most essential commodities. Due to numerous economic and political reasons the supply and demand for oil fluctuates constantly but, for traders, this provides opportunities to profit from Oil Trading.

With AxiTrader, you can follow the real-time price movements of oil and trade in whatever direction you believe the market is going - without having to purchase any physical product. Flexible leverage allows you to invest a minimal amount of capital in order to access the maximum amount of exposure in pursuit of higher profits. However, anyone considering this type of margin trading must be aware that losses can be magnified and, in some cases, exceed account balances.

When you trade oil with AxiTrader, you’re acting through a direct link between the buyer and seller so there’s no dealer intervention, no brokerage fees and no commission on standard accounts. We also provide access to economic news, reports, charts and analysis to help you stay in touch with the latest pricing and be ready to take action when the market moves.

Why Trade Oil?

  • Low margins - as little as 1%
  • No dealer intervention
  • No brokerage fees and no commission on standard accounts
  • Extremely competitive variable spreads
  • High performing MT4 trading platform
  • New, reports and charts to assist with your analysis

Trading Hours

MT4 Code Market Name Open Close Break Time Zone
WTI.fs WTI Crude Oil
Sunday 17:00 Friday 16:00 16:00 - 17:00 Chicago
BRENT.fs Brent Crude Oil
Monday 01:00 Friday 23:00 23:00 - 01:00 London

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