Benefit from flexible leverage options

Margins & Leverage

Forex margin, trade sizes and leverage at a glance

  • Minimum account deposit £0
  • Lot sizes start at 0.01
  • Margin starts at 1%
  • Leverage up to 30:1

Trading Forex on Margin

Put simply, Margin trading allows you to take a position of much higher value than the monies deposited in your account. Your account balance is security against an adverse movement in the market.

Margin means leverage and leverage means there is potential to lose more than the monies you have deposited in your AxiTrader account.

Margin comes in a number of different forms. Margin applies to all AxiTrader instruments and is calculated as Initial Margin and Variation Margin.

Initial Margin is the minimum account balance required to open a position. Variation Margin is the profits or losses on open positions or transactions. Your total margin requirement is the sum of these two amounts and you must maintain at least this amount in your AxiTrader account at all times.

If the market moves against you and your account balance falls below your total margin requirement you have the option to:

  • close one or more of your open position(s), in order to reduce your Initial Margin; and/or
  • remit further funds to your Account as deposit in order to maintain the position.

Let’s take the following Forex example:

You have an account with 10,000 GBP with AxiTrader. You trade ticket sizes of 1,000,000 GBP/USD. This equates to a margin ratio of 1% (10,000 GBP is 1% of 1,000,000 GBP). How can you trade 100 times the amount of money you have at your disposal? The answer is that AxiTrader temporarily gives you the necessary credit to make the transaction you are interested in making. Without margin, you would only be able to buy or sell tickets of 10,000 GBP at a time. On standard accounts AxiTrader applies a minimum 1% margin.

This margin facility allows you to potentially make large profits from a relatively small initial investment. It must be pointed out, however, that any losses are equally multiplied.

Customers who hold Forex positions may become liable to pay margin as detailed in our Client Agreement. All Forex positions have an initial margin and you are required to keep this over and above any unrealised losses. Margin calls can be made at any time and it is therefore important for you to familiarise yourself with our Client Agreement, especially the section relating to margin calls.

Be aware that it is your responsibility, not AxiTrader’s, to monitor your positions and make any margin payments as they become due.

Monitoring risk exposure

MetaTrader 4, our trading platform, has been designed to effectively monitor and allow you to control risk exposure in real time. Based on each client’s margin requirement, the platform calculates both the funds needed to retain current open Forex positions and the trading resources available for entering into new positions or for adding to existing open Forex positions.

As stated above, if the equity in your account drops below the margin required to maintain your open positions, we may close all open positions. Once a usable margin reaches zero, a margin call will ensue, and all open positions may be closed by us. This limits your risk-to-usable margin.

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