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USDJPY In Focus: Trade War Keeps a Lid on Market Risk Sentiment

U.S. and China trade war sees little chance of a near-term settlement. Trump administration is proposing tariffs on good from countries found to have undervalued currencies.

Theresa May Resigns As Brexit Is Plunged Into Further Chaos

Today we finally heard the news the UK had been expecting for what feels like months. Theresa May has finally announced her resignation from office and the UK begins the search for a new Prime Minister.

Brexit Headlines and the Week Ahead - AxiTrader Video with James Hughes

After another day filled with Brexit headlines, James Hughes looks at the latest developments in the House of Commons and what to look for in from the FOMC meeting minutes.

What’s a Bear Market? And Are We Heading into One?

Bear markets can devastate even a well-crafted portfolio. A bear market is when the market falls at least 20%, wiping out trillions of dollars of market capitalisation. We discuss the chances in 2019 and beyond.

Charts of the Week: Can USOIL extend its rally despite the challenges?

In this week´s edition we take a look at USOIL, the recovery in USDCAD and the key levels in EURGBP and NZDUSD.

Spotlight on Crude Oil CFDs

Discover one of the easiest ways to get started trading oil commodity derivatives. You have two main oil CFDs to choose from plus we look at what drives this market & the role of OPEC.

Shock Australian Election Result Sparks Aussie Rally

There was a mild risk going into the weekend that a miraculous victory for the ruling coalition party in Australia. Going into the weekend Scott Morrison was widely expected to be beaten after trailing in the opinion polls for months. 

Market Sentiment Subdued Amid Trade Tensions and Growth Slowdown

Weekly Forex review and the key fundamental and technical analysis for the week ahead. We discuss the US-China trade war, Brexit and the all-important Australian elections.

How to Overcome Trading System Failure with Your Emotional Resilience

Discover how to develop your emotional resilience to deal with (trading) system failure more effectively and efficiently. Boost your trading success by learning from small losses and stressful market situations.

Australian Unemployment Rate Climbs to 5.2%

The Australian Unemployment rate climbed to 5.2% in April, causing the Australian dollar to drop even lower and below 68 cents. Will this put enough pressure on the RBA to cut rates in June?

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