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Coffee: What’s driving volatility in 2019?

Coffee prices jumped by 30% earlier in 2019. We look at what’s behind the move, whether the rally can be sustained and what fundamental drivers are likely to impact prices in the months and years ahead.

Weekly Preview: FOMC this Thursday to expect the first rate cut in a decade

How will Fed and BOE interest rate decision affect your trades this week?

5 Effective Ways to Fight Revenge Trading

Learn the five effective ways to fight revenge trading. Discover some practical steps you can take to control your emotions and fight revenge trading.

How Much Capital Do You Need to Start Forex Trading?

Discover how much money you require to trade Forex. We will discuss the smart way to get started, how much leverage you should use, and how trading costs impact your bottom line.

Weekly Preview: UK’s next Prime Minister will be announced this week; ECB’s interest rates decision in focus

How will the next Prime Minister of UK and ECB's interest rate decision affect your trades this week?

Can the Eurozone debt crisis happen again?

A decade ago, the Eurozone debt crisis came close to breaking the common currency. We look at what happened, how the crisis was resolved and whether the issue could happen again in the future.

Chart Patterns - Continuation and Reversal Patterns

In this article, we will have a look at the major continuation and reversal patterns and how traders use them.

Hot Topic: Copper

The price of copper has historically been seen as a good barometer for the global economy. But is the move towards a more sustainable planet set to change this? We look at why that might be the case.

Charts of the Week: USOIL loses momentum, GBPUSD downtrend resumes

USOIL loses momentum, GBPUSD downtrend resumes

Weekly Preview: China’s economy slows to three decade low with factory output and retail sales beating expectations in June

With China's economy at a 4 year low, how does this affect the forex market? 

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