How To Deal With Trading Losses

In this article, we will discuss trading losses and how those negative results could actually help you improve if you deal with them in the right way.

Mastering the Art of Position Management and Why It Matters

Mastering the Art of Position Management and Why It Matters

Five Facts for UK Traders to Consider [+Quiz]

Are you struggling to trade the FTSE and Sterling, given the political uncertainty that continues to prevail? We look at the alternatives - and what might drive a return to more ‘normal’ market conditions.

How to Find the Right Trading Style

Finding the right trading style will be a difficult, but crucial part in your path to become a professional trader.

The Magic Of Fibonacci Numbers and How to Use Them In Your Trading

In this article, we will look at one of the most popular technical analysis tools - the Fibonacci retracement levels.

An Introduction to Index Trading

Index trading is hugely popular, offering a quick way of getting exposure to the big macroeconomic factors that drive markets. We look at how indices are calculated, what can move them and exactly what purpose they serve.

Technical Indicators: How Many Are Too Many?

In this article, we will have a look at the pro and cons of using multiple indicators and the different type of indicators.

7 Exit Strategies Professional Traders Use

Discover the 7 exit strategies professional traders use to keep them in the game longer & without the emotional rollercoaster experienced by those who are not in control of their exit techniques.

Introduction to EAs: What They Are and How To Install Them

In this article, we will give you a brief introduction to Expert Advisors (EAs) and how to install them in your MT4.

5 Effective Ways to Fight Revenge Trading

Learn the five effective ways to fight revenge trading. Discover some practical steps you can take to control your emotions and fight revenge trading.

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