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The Week Ahead: Thanksgiving Punctures The Week As Brexit and Trade Remain Front And Centre

Yet again Brexit will be a huge talking point for the week as Theresa May clings onto power by the skin of her teeth. With the Thanksgiving holiday around the corner, it's likely that the week will lack direction and volume but be high in volatility and Brexit related drama. 

US Pre Market Open: No progress on trade talks leaves equities uninspired

US index futures may be poised to start the day with some modest gains, but upside is being kept firmly in check by the fact that there was no progress regarding Sino-US trade ties at the weekend’s APEC summit. 

7 Things You Missed This Week - w/c 16 November

Test your Forex trading and macroeconomic knowledge with our weekly quiz.

Five ways to trade the G20

Influential leaders from some of the world’s largest economies meet on an annual basis in the so-called G20 meeting. With Argentina currently holding the rolling presidency of the organisation, the 2018 summit is scheduled to be held in Buenos Aires on November 30th and December 1st.

Video: Axi Trader Market Update with James Hughes | 14 November 2018

Theresa May will find out whether her cabinet will support her draft Brexit agreement. It's a pivotal day for Sterling with Brexit and inflation data due for release.


Aussie Fights Off Resurgent Dollar

AUD/USD managed to hold onto its gains quite well last week, despite a resurgent US dollar.

US Pre Market Open: US futures see-saw; lack of data makes direction hard to sustain.

After a choppy overnight session for US index futures, Wall Street is currently looking at a relatively flat start to the week’s trade.

7 Things You Missed This Week - w/c 9 November

Test your Forex trading and macroeconomic knowledge with our weekly quiz.

Week Ahead: Will Trump Hang On To Power In The House

Donald Trump faces a huge week as President as the US mid-term elections look to dominate the agenda this week.

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