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Essentials of a Trading Plan - Part 2: Goals and Risk Management

In the second part of the Trading Plan Series, we will discuss the importance of setting goals and some important Risk Management criteria

Charts of the Week: DAX diverging from US indices; Silver struggling to gain momentum

DAX diverging from US indices; Silver struggling to gain momentum

Video: Axi Trader Market Update with James Hughes | 19 March 2019

Markets had to decipher some key data this morning as the UK unemployment and German ZEW numbers were released. Add this to the ongoing Brexit mess and it was going to be a busy session. 

US Pre Market Open: Hopes of dovish Fed keep driving equity gains

Wall Street indices posted modest gains during yesterday’s session and futures prices suggest that the trend will be maintained at the opening bell.

CFTC Position Watch: Speculators add to long USD positions

Speculators add to Euro short positions; turn increasingly bearish on Canadian Dollar

Video: AxiTrader Market Update with James Hughes | 18 March 2019

Markets have been looking to focus on the heavy data week we have coming up, however external forces, most notably Brexit are still causing an issue. 

US Pre Market Open: Fed in focus as stocks eye mixed start to week

We’re looking at a mixed start to trade on Wall Street as investors attempt to second guess the Fed’s stance at this week’s monetary policy meeting.

Hot Topic: US Index Trading

Index trading can be a useful tool for traders looking to take a view on the fortunes of a specific country, sector or genre of asset. There’s no shortage of different indices produced, but the ones we’re most familiar with are arguably those for blue chip equities. The FTSE-100 in London, the DAX-30 in Frankfurt, the Nikkei 225 in Tokyo, and so the list goes on.

Week Ahead: Brexit and China Lead Old Stories Dominating Markets

After a week dominated by Brexit it may be much of the same for the rest of this week, but we can also add the old stories such as the China/US trade deal to the agenda once again.

Essentials of a Trading Plan - Part 1: Why Do I Need a Trading Plan?

Learn about the benefits of having a trading plan and how it could help you improve your trading performance

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