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Irish Boarder Remains Biggest Brexit Blocker As Cable Rallies

Cable has seen a big move over the last couple of days, but the usual whipsaw of undecided speculative traders means not much progress has been made.

US Pre Market Open: Wall Street looks past trade levies - for now

President Trump’s trade war with China may well be making headlines, but the threat it poses to global economic growth is doing nothing to take the heat out of Wall Street’s ongoing rally.

Video: Axi Trader Market Update with James Hughes 17 September

It's a quiet start to the trading week as far as the economic calendar goes, however the same old stories persist and continue to drive the greenback. US-China trade talks and the NAFTA agreement remain the key talking points, and with the possibility of Trump tweeting at any moment the markets are nervous, and traders are reluctant to take any longer term positions.


US Pre Market Open: Quiet Start For US Stocks

As it currently stands, futures markets suggest we’re looking at a muted start to the week on Wall Street.

EU Summit And Trade Escalation To Dominate A Busy Week

Brexit and Trade remain the key stories to look out for as the new week takes shape.


CFTC Position Watch: GBP bears feel pain as Pound rallies back above 1.30

GBP bears feel pain as Pound rallies back above 1.30

7 Things You Missed This Week - w/c 14 September

Test your Forex trading and macroeconomic knowledge with our weekly quiz.

Video: Axi Trader Market Update with James Hughes |13 September 2018

Another very busy day in this very busy week with both the ECB and BoE rate decisions as well as US CPI data.

Bank of England CPI and Brexit Push Sterling Hit Dollar

Politics is yet again the big talking point Sterling this week as Brexit headlines have dominated the currency. Last week’s rhetoric from the EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier has led to some aggressive upside for the currency as finally we have a little more clarity on some of the bigger issues. 

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