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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Investor Password?

What platforms does AxiTrader offer?

Where can I download the MT4 platform?

What Build or Version of MetaTrader 4 do I have?

How do I uninstall MetaTrader 4?

How do I generate an Investor password?

What should I do if I forget the password to my Demo account?

Are your trading hours in line with New York close?

How do I view Trade History?

How do I download Quote History in MT4?

What can I find in my MT4 trading report?

How do I find swap rates?

How do I change the way my profits are displayed in the terminal?

What do the following terms on my platform mean: balance, equity, margin, free margin and margin level?

Can I lose more than I deposited?

What is a VPS?

How do I place a pending order?

How do I modify a pending order?

How do I set a Stop Loss or Take Profit?

How close to the current price can I place Stop and Limit orders?

Is my Stop Loss guaranteed?

What is a Trailing Stop?

How do I place a Trailing Stop?

Am I able to place trades via email or telephone?

I do not have access to my accounts, how can I trade?

Do you make Margin Calls?

How do I open a chart in MT4?

How do I change a chart type?

Why do I see a line chart even though I changed it to candlesticks?

How do I zoom in/out of my chart?

Can I adjust the scale of the vertical and horizontal axes?

What time frames are available for my charts?

How do I change the time frame of my chart?

How can I show multiple charts on my platform?

How do I save my chart settings?

How do I show the chart tabs at the bottom?

Why has my MT4 platform not saved my chart settings or profiles?

How do I scroll back on a chart to view historical prices?

How can I create trend lines or other line studies?

Why do I only see one price on my chart? Is it the BID or the ASK?

How can I show the ASK price?

How do I add indicators to my chart?

What does the volume on my chart indicate?

What does OHLC on a chart mean?

Why are there gaps on my chart? How do I fix these gaps?

Why does my platform not perform the live update?

What are offline charts?

How do I install an Expert Advisor on MT4?

How do I know if my EA is active?