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Are there any swap (rollover) charges for CFDs?

Yes, there is a cost incurred when rolling Future CFD contracts. This cost is equal to the value of the Bid–Offer spread in the AxiTrader price.

A rollover arises when the underlying instrument of the AxiTrader product is due for expiry and AxiTrader switches its price source to the next serial Futures contract. Because the next serial Futures contract will trade at a higher or lower price when compared to the expiring Futures contract, the change will result in a profit or loss on an AxiTrader account. The swap fee applied by AxiTrader adjusts for this revaluation, but contracts that are rolled over still incur the cost of the Bid–Offer spread.

In order to minimise the Bid–Offer spread, AxiTrader typically switches to the next serial contract 1-2 trading days prior to the underlying instrument’s last trading day, a period when liquidity can be limited and extreme price fluctuations can occur.

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