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Frequently Asked Questions

How many FX pairs does AxiTrader offer?

What times can I trade?

Can I trade micro lots and mini lots with AxiTrader?

What are Axitrader’s commissions?

How do I calculate Profit and Loss?

What is Margin?

How do I calculate my FX margin requirement?

Is there a Margin Stop Out level?

What is the Swap Rate?

How do I find the Swap rate?

I received/paid triple the amount of interest I normally would receive/pay

What time is the swap calculated and applied?

Do you allow hedging? If so, do you need to provide full margin for each transaction?

The chart price appeared to reach my Take Profit but did not trigger. Why?

Do you prohibit any trading styles?

Is there a maximum slippage level?

Can I place a trade via e-mail?

What’s the difference between a Pip, Tick and Point?

Can I place a trade when the market is closed?

How are currency prices determined?

How do I know when major economic news announcements are due?

What is the difference between a Long or Short position in Forex?

Can I hold positions over the weekend and major holidays?

What is Over The Counter (OTC) trading?