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AxiTrader is a modern Forex broker built on old fashioned values of honesty, transparency and trust. Discover why AxiTrader was named Most Trusted Broker* and is the first choice for traders in more than 150 countries.

• Practice trading on a Demo account with US$50,000 of virtual funds
• Award-winning customer support. We're available 24/5 to help you on your trading journey
• Multi-lingual support in 14 languages

*Most Trusted Broker UK Forex Awards 2018

Free AxiTrader Demo Accounts

Try trading – without the risk

To help you discover trading without risking any of your own money, our free Demo account lets you access a replica of a live trading environment where you can practice and learn using virtual funds.

Our Demo accounts have all the features of Live accounts, including the same products, realtime pricing and charting – all through the world leading MT4 trading platform. A demo account is perfect for traders at all levels, from beginners discovering the markets for the first time through to experts considering trying different trading products or strategies. AxiTrader Demo accounts are free for 30 days or permanently available to any Live account holders.

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Super simple withdrawals

Some brokers make you jump through hoops just to get your money out. Our Client Portal lets you make deposits and request withdrawals at any time. And, depending on the funding method you choose, your money can be cleared instantly.

Secure payments

Segregated funds

Instant payment options

Easy withdrawals

Securing your payments

As a regulated broker we take security and fraud very seriously. That's why we use industry standard encryption for our online payments and have implemented extra measures, such as ensuring all deposits and withdrawals match up with the name on your credit card. These small steps add extra layers of protection to your account and provide for a safer and more secure trading experience.

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We want you to succeed as a trader, which is why we provide a wide range of resources to help give you the best chance of success. Our Education Centre is full of tutorials, videos, guides, eBooks, news, analysis and expert insights which you’re free to use to continue improving your trading knowledge. We also have a partnership with the London Stock Exchange affiliated Knightsbridge Trading Academy whereby you have access to complimentary online trading courses led by accredited tutors.

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Protect yourself in our platform

Protect against adverse movements for free
Set a stop-loss to close your position automatically if the market moves against you. There’s no trigger charge, but no guarantee of protection against slippage – so your position could be closed out at a worse level if the market gaps..

Choose exactly where your trade closes
Attach a guaranteed stop to your position, and it’ll always be closed out at exactly the price you specified. What’s more, you’ll only pay for your stop if it’s triggered. If this happens, our guaranteed stop premiums offer excellent value in the market for most major indices and FX pairs.

Don’t miss out on profits
Place a trailing stop when you open your trade and it will move with your profit. If the market turns, your position will close out at your trailing stop’s new level. So you can lock in profits without the need to monitor your position and adjust your stop. Like regular stop-losses, trailing stops don’t protect against slippage.

Take profit automatically
Set a limit order in line with your profit target, and we’ll close your position for you when the price hits your chosen level.

Stay on top of market movement
Set price alerts, and we’ll notify you by text or email when a market reaches your specified price. Push alert notifications can also be set and are free. They can be set up on our web-based platform and our apps. Different to text and email alerts, push alerts pop up on the trading platform when using a PC, and also on your mobile when using our apps.

MT4 video tutorials

Taking control of risk

All trading carries a degree of risk. Use our array of complimentary tools to help take control and better manage your risk while taking advantage of our educational resources to improve your trading knowledge.

Can you lose more than you deposited?
Clients who are classified as Retail Clients are afforded Negative Balance Protection which means they cannot lose more than they have deposited with AxiTrader. Clients who are classified as Professional Clients are not afforded Negative Balance Protection. More information on Client Classification can be found here

For the avoidance of doubt, clients have one trading account with AxiTrader, but may have multiple sub accounts in the form of trading platform logins. Therefore, the aggregate sum of monies held on all platforms will be taken into consideration and may be used to offset a Negative Balance.

Sudden position closures
Because markets are volatile and your account requires a certain level of money to be maintained in your account, it’s really important to keep an eye on your bottom line. If you don’t have enough in your account, we may close trades on your behalf to prevent a negative balance. If you need to add funds to your account quickly, we make it extremely easy.

Due to fast changing global market conditions, you may notice that sometimes the price you expect differs in a very small way from the actual execution price. This is a common industry practice known as Slippage. To reduce this inconvenience to traders, we invest heavily in technology and infrastructure that greatly reduce slippage across our network. AxiTrader now has some of the fastest trade execution speeds in the industry.

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