Gold Trading

Gold is one of the world’s oldest and most trusted forms of currency. It’s also one of AxiTrader’s most popular products for online trading, with our clients using it for everything from a primary source of trade investment to a reliable way to diversify a trade portfolio.

Trading Gold with AxiTrader

When you trade gold with AxiTrader, you’re not purchasing any physical gold that you can hold in your hands. Instead, you buy a CFD – Contract for Difference – that follows the underlying price of gold over a specific time period.

For example, let’s say you purchase a contract for one ounce of gold at a market price of $1,200, believing the price will increase. If the price has gone up at the point the contracts expires, you will make a profit.

Gold CFD trading also gives you the opportunity to profit when the price of gold falls. For example, if you purchase a contract for an ounce of gold at $1,200 believing the price will decrease, you will profit if the price has decreased at expiry.

With the ability to profit when the market moves in either direction, combined with the gold market’s high liquidity, gold is especially popular with traders looking for short term trade opportunities.

Trading gold with AxiTrader is done in the same way as trading Forex, using the same MetaTrader 4 platform. MT4 gives you access to real-time gold pricing, customisable charts and historical analysis so you’re always well informed about what’s happening in the gold market. And because that market is open to trade 24 hours, five days a week, your MT4 platform offers flexibility and compatibility with the way you want to trade gold, whether it’s on a mobile device, web browser or through a desktop computer.

Quick tips for new gold traders

  • The MT4 symbol for gold is XAUUSD
  • Gold is measured in ounces
  • The price of gold is expressed in $USD

Diversify with Gold CFDs

When you trade gold, as with other commodity CFDs, you’re able to apply leverage to your trades. This reduces your margin requirement, making it an effective way to diversify your capital across different trade types and help spread your risk.

Before choosing your level of leverage traders should be aware that the higher the rate of leverage the greater the risk and, in some cases, losses can exceed the initial deposit.

Attractions of Gold Trading

  • No fees and no commission on standard accounts
  • Opportunities for profit in either market direction
  • More exposure from less investment - margins as low as 1%
  • Flexible leverage to help control risk
  • Trade executions and analysis within MT4

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