Forex Trading Signals

Automated forex trading signals can provide traders with an objective and analytical view of market trends, helping remove emotion from trading and assisting with decisions on when and where to trade.

This tool automatically analyses the market and may identify potential opportunities relevant to individual traders and sends signals –in the form of alerts –leaving the trader to choose whether or not to act on the information. Types of information commonly sought by signal traders include entry and exit points, stop loss figures, historical data, risk/reward ratios and profit/loss.

  • Strategy extensibility: By presenting raw and unbiased information, signal data can present opportunities to enhance existing, or assist in developing, new strategies.
  • Efficiency: With signal analysis being performed automatically, a trader is not required to constantly manually monitor the markets.
  • Available at all levels: Signals are relevant and customised to a trader’s individual account and circumstances so they can be used by traders of any level of experience.
  • Broader management: Forex signals can act as an alternative, or complementary, means of obtaining market insights when compared with a traditional money manager.
  • Decision making: Forex Signals provide information without any obligation to trade, letting a trader have control over how they use the information