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19th April - Good Friday

Symbols Good Friday 19/4/2019
SPI200.fs, AUS200
GOLD.fs Closed
CAC.fs, FRA40 Closed
COCOA Closed
DAX.fs, GER30 Closed
DJ30, US30 Closed
EUSTX.fs, EU50 Closed
FT100.fs, UK100 Closed
HSI.fs, HK50 Closed
IT40 Closed
NAS.fs, USTECH Closed
NETH25 Closed
S&P.fs, US500 Closed
SILVER.fs Closed
SPA50 Closed
SWI20 Closed
US2000 Closed
VIX.fs Closed
WTI.fs, USOIL Closed
Spot Metals Closed


Symbols Easter Monday 22/4/2019
SPI200.fs, AUS200 Closed
CAC.fs, FRA40 Closed
COCOA Late Start 14:30
COFFEE Late Start 14:30
DAX.fs, GER30 Closed
EUSTX.fs, EU50 Closed
FT100.fs, UK100 Closed
HSI.fs, HK50 Closed
IT40 Closed
NETH25 Closed
SPA50 Closed
SWI20 Closed



CCY symbol Exchange Place Holidays 
01-Jan-19 ALL ALL New Years Day
02-Jan-19 JPY Tokyo Bank Holiday
03-Jan-19 JPY Tokyo Bank Holiday
14-Jan-19 JPY Tokyo Coming of Age Day
21-Jan-19 USD New York Birthday of Martin Luther King
28-Jan-19 AUD Sydney Australia Day
4-10-Feb-19 CNY Beijing Chinese New Year
05-Feb-19 SGD Singapore Chinese New Year
5-7-Feb-19 HKD Hong Kong Lunar New Year
06-Feb-19 SGD Singapore Chinese New Year
11-Feb-19 JPY Tokyo National Foundation Day
18-Feb-19 USD New York Washington's Birthday
04-Mar-19 AUD Sydney Labour Day WA
11-Mar-19 AUD Sydney Labour Day VIC
21-Mar-19 JPY Tokyo Spring Equinox
05-Apr-19 CNY Beijing Ching Ming Festival
05-Apr-19 HKD Hong Kong Ching Ming Festival
19-Apr-19 HKD Hong Kong Good Friday
19-Apr-19 SGD Singapore Good Friday
19-Apr-19 AUD Sydney Good Friday
19-Apr-19 GBP London Good Friday
19-Apr-19 EUR Madrid Good Friday
19-Apr-19 EUR Amsterdam Good Friday
19-Apr-19 EUR Berlin Good Friday
22-Apr-19 HKD Hong Kong Easter Monday
22-Apr-19 EUR Berlin Easter Monday
22-Apr-19 EUR Amsterdam Easter Monday
22-Apr-19 GBP London Easter Monday
22-Apr-19 AUD Sydney Easter Monday
25-Apr-19 AUD Sydney ANZAC Day
29-Apr-19 JPY Tokyo Showa Day (formerly Greenery Day) OBS
01-May-19 CNY Beijing Labour Day 1
01-May-19 HKD Hong Kong Labour Day
01-May-19 SGD Singapore Labour Day
01-May-19 EUR Madrid Labour Day
01-May-19 EUR Amsterdam Labour Day
03-May-19 JPY Tokyo Constitution Day
04-May-19 JPY Tokyo Greenery Day (formerly National Holiday)
05-May-19 JPY Tokyo Children's Day
06-May-19 GBP London Early May Bank Holiday
13-May-19 HKD Hong Kong Birth of Buddha
10-Jun-19 EUR Berlin Whit Monday
22-May-19 HKD Hong Kong Buddha's Birthday*
27-May-19 GBP London Late May Bank Holiday
27-May-19 USD New York Memorial Day
30-May-19 EUR Amsterdam Ascension Day
30-May-19 EUR Berlin Ascension Day
19-May-19 SGD Singapore Vesak Day*
10-Jun-19 AUD Sydney Queen's Birthday
10-Jun-19 EUR Amsterdam Whit Monday
05-Jun-19 SGD Singapore Hari Raya Puasa*
07-Jun-19 CNY Beijing Dragon Boat Festival (Tuen Ng Day)*
07-Jun-19 HKD Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival (Tuen Ng Day)*
01-Jul-19 HKD Hong Kong SAR Establishment Day OBS
04-Jul-19 USD New York Independence Day
15-Jul-19 JPY Tokyo Marine Day
06-Aug-18 AUD Sydney Bank Holiday - NSW
09-Aug-19 SGD Singapore National Day
11-Aug-19 JPY Tokyo Mountain Day
11-Aug-19 SGD Singapore Hari Raya Haji*
15-Aug-19 EUR Madrid Assumption Day
26-Aug-19 GBP London Summer Bank Holiday
02-Sep-19 USD New York Labor Day
16-Sep-19 JPY Tokyo Respect for the Aged Day
24-Sep-19 CNY Beijing Mid-autumn Festival*
23-Sep-19 JPY Tokyo Autumn Equinox OBS
14-Sep-19 HKD Hong Kong Day Following Mid-autumn Festival*
07-Oct-18 AUD Sydney Labour Day - NSW
30-Sep-19 CNY Beijing National Day
01-Oct-19 CNY Beijing National Day 1
01-Oct-19 HKD Hong Kong Chinese National Day
02-Oct-19 CNY Beijing National Day 2
03-Oct-19 CNY Beijing National Day 3
03-Oct-19 EUR Berlin Unity Day
04-Oct-19 CNY Beijing National Day 4
07-Oct-19 CNY Beijing Chung Yeung Festival
07-Oct-19 HKD Hong Kong Chung Yeung Festival
14-Oct-19 JPY Tokyo Health-Sports Day
14-Oct-19 USD New York Columbus Day
03-Nov-19 JPY Tokyo Culture Day
27-Oct-19 SGD Singapore Deepavali*
01-Nov-19 EUR Madrid, Berlin All Saints Day
11-Nov-19 USD New York Veterans' Day OBS
28-Nov-19 USD New York Thanksgiving
23-Nov-19 JPY Tokyo Labour Thanksgiving Day
24-Dec-19 JPY Tokyo Emperor's Birthday OBS
25-Dec-19 All All Christmas Day
26-Dec-19 AUD Sydney Boxing Day
26-Dec-19 GBP London Boxing Day
26-Dec-19 HKD Hong Kong Christmas Holiday



Please note: Dates published above are correct at the time of publication and may be subject to updates and changes without notice.