MetaTrader 4 Demo Account Questions

  • How can I request a Demo trading account?

    You can open a free Demo account here.

    Once you have completed the application you will be sent an email with links to download the MT4 trading platform, or access MT4 WebTrader for online trading.

    The MT4 platform can also be downloaded at any time from the AxiTrader website from the client portal for account holders.

  • How can I create a Demo account on the MT4 trading platform?

    After you have opened the MT4 terminal, use the following instructions:

    1. Click on File in the top left corner of the main menu
    2. Go to Open an Account
    3. Click on Scan and select the US03 demo server, then click Next
    4. Tick New Demo Account and click Next
    5. Fill in your details, select the account type, deposit amount, leverage and tick the Subscribe to Newsletters box, then click Next
    6. You will be given a new set of demo login details

    For more instructions, please go to our video tutorials page.

  • How long does a Demo account last for?

    Demo accounts expire 30 days after registration.

    Non-expiring Demo accounts can be added to any Live and funded trading account. To add a permanent Demo account to your Live trading account, Contact Us, or use the Live Chat facility.

  • How can I extend the duration of my Demo account?

    To make a Demo account non-expiring, you will first need to open a Live AxiTrader trading account. Once this account is active, send the Live and Demo account numbers to and our Client Services team will update your Demo account to a permanent status. This can also be requested via our Live Chat system.

  • Can I trade all products (FX, CFDs, commodities) from one Demo account?

    Yes, all Demo accounts have access to all products including currencies, commodities and indices.

  • Are the spreads on your demo account the same as live?

    Yes. We have two types of Demo account: Standard and Pro and both of these account types mirror our Live Standard and Pro accounts, with the same spreads and swap rates.

  • How do I top up my Demo account with funds?

    Traders do not have the ability to add virtual funds to their own Demo account.

    To top up your Demo account, please contact our Client Services team via phone, email ( or Live Chat and provide your login number and the amount of additional funds being requested.

  • How do I change my Demo account leverage?

    Leverage cannot be changed manually on a Demo account.

    To request a leverage change, please contact our Client Services team via phone, email ( or our Live Chat and provide your login number and the new level of leverage you would like to apply to your account.

  • How do I back test on a Demo account?

    To run a back test, open and log in to the MT4 trading platform.

    From the main menu, navigate to View then select Strategy Tester. This can also be done using the magnifying glass icon pictured below.

    Change leverage

    The Strategy Tester function will open a new panel on the MT4 platform. You will now be able to select the EA, symbol and model, as well as the period, spread and testing dates.

    Change leverage

    For more information on how to run back tests, please visit our videos tutorial page.

  • Can I delete trades from my Demo account history?

    No. Trades cannot be removed from the Demo account history.