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Markets Morning - Forex and Stocks traders read the Fed differently with both the USD and equities lower

You can't argue with the market - but when it comes to the USD move post-FOMC I'm raising an eyebrow.

Video: Market Morning - 21 Mar

The US dollar was stronger as traders await the first decision and guidance from a Jerome Powell led FOMC

A day before the next RBNZ decision the New Zealand dollar is breaking lower

Breaking lower at a critical time.

The down trend remains intact for the Australian dollar

Still under pressure as the Greenback grinds higher.

Markets Morning - USD stronger, stocks recover a little, US rates rising as traders await the Fed

It's all just noise until we see what the Fed does and says tomorrow morning.

Death Cross in the DAX

The trend has changed from up to down by this measure.

Video: Market Morning - 20 Mar

Facebook’s woes added to an already cautious markets to knock stocks for 6. But forex and the usual safe haven were more circumspect.

US dollar woes lift the Aussie dollar from its lows - what's next?

A bounce is possible within the current downgtrend.

Video: Market Morning - 19 Mar

Market’s a nervously trading a range as they await this week’s FOMC meeting – the USD has stopped falling, but gold and the Aussie dollar are under pressure.

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