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Three major areas to look out for, in Powell’s testimony at Capitol Hill

The coming week is going to be volatile with major economic data releases and Powell’s pending speech at Capitol Hill. To decipher possible future FED’s policy action, there are three major areas that traders and investors should pay attention to.

Commodity Currencies Outlook: AUD and NZD recovering amid increase in risk appetite; CAD dragged lower by Oil

AUD and NZD recovering amid increase in risk appetite; CAD dragged lower by Oil

GBP/USD Resilient but Brexit Issue Remains Delicate

Past bearish sentiments on GBP seems to have taken a turn after the release of employment data which showed resilience in the labour market albeit missing expectations.

Weekly Review & Lookahead on Major FX Pairs (25 Feb – 3 Mar 2019)

Weekly review on major FX pairs and important items to look out for the coming week.

Weekly Outlook: Can Crude Oil Keep The Momentum Going + What Gold Traders Will Be Watching

Can Crude Oil keep the momentum going? What will Gold traders be watching this week?

Hot Topic: Trading Quantitative Tightening

In the wake of the credit crisis a decade ago, the Federal Reserve – along with many other central banks – embarked on a series of aggressive monetary stimulus measures, designed to fire growth into their respective national economies. However what do we do now the Central Banks are removing this stimulus.

Top 3 Reasons to Use an MT4 Forex Demo Account

Here are our top 3 reasons to use an MT4 Forex Demo Account to boost your trading confidence. You can also learn our favourite trading techniques to enhance your trading skillsets which are used by professional traders worldwide.

Will the Bank of Canada need to sing the dovish tune soon?

The Bank of Canada raised the interest rate to 1.75 basic point for the fifth time in the last October, and it is likely to wait and see how the effect of the recent hikes first before deciding further on the next action.

The Importance of Forward-Looking Data

Understanding the difference between leading and trailing economic indicators can make a real difference to understanding which data releases are little more than short term noise, and which ones might have a more lasting effect on the direction of an asset’s price.

No end to Brexit uncertainty. Pound to plunge further?

Prime Minister Theresa May suffered an embarrassing defeat on her Brexit strategy last week after supporters in her Conservative party refrained from voting with the PM, as they feared it will lead to a No Deal option being taken off the negotiating table.

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