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Video: Market Morning - 18 Jan

ECB jawboning the Euro, the Fed’s Beige Book, and comments on rates all contributed to a turn in the USD this morning. Stocks surged again as well.

80 cents - that's where the Aussie traded overnight as risk appetite surged

EMployment today is make or break for this rally in the short term. 

Market's Morning - US stocks surge, the US dollar fights back, and Bitcoin finds a bid

HAve we seen the pessimistic crescendo we need for the USD to turn?

Video: Market Morning - 17 Jan

Some very interesting price action over the past 24 hours in many markets. 

Aussie dollar levitation - supported by a weak US dollar as commodities dip and risk goes a little off

The trend is your friend. But risks are rising short term.

Market's Morning - Stocks make record highs then reverse, likewise US dollar strength disappeared

Some very interesting, perhaps instructive, price action across many markets last night.

Video: Market Morning - 16 Jan

The USD came under heavy selling pressure again. But the move is looking stretched short term.

Video: Beginners Guide to Fibonacci in Forex Trading

Fibonacci levels are often used by traders as a guide to support, resistance, and targets. In this video, Greg McKenna explains a little of the history and explains how he uses Fibonacci day to day. 

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