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Emerging Markets the week ahead - China to the fore again as the BIS highlights the risks for EM

The Fed, central banks, and capital flows are still the big drivers of EM. 

Video: Market Morning - 12 Dec

Oil could be about to bust out even as the US dollar surges again.

A new world order for oil, Italy, and stocks hit record highs

The rally in stocks continues, and oil has its best chance in ages to bust up and through resistance.

EU Open - USD/JPY rallies along with Nikkei; Chinese CPI beats expectations

USD/JPY rallies along with Nikkei; Chinese CPI beats expectations...

Video: Market Morning - 9 Dec

Mario Draghi refilled his bazooka aiming squarely at the Euro's rally.

AsiaFX not benefiting from strong China trade after the ECB weakened the Euro

Waiting for Chinese inflation and South Korean impeachment -  but driven by Euro weakness today.

The ECB caused wild volatility in bonds and forex overnight - stocks and the US dollar higher

Mario Draghi caused some volatility. But in the end promised to do whatever it takes for however long it's necessary. 

EU Open - Risk appetite improves after Chinese data; AUS trade numbers weigh on Aussie Dollar

Chinese imports surged, which underpinned the risk-on sentiment in markets; Japanese GDP missed expectations, while an increase in the trade deficit weighed on the Aussie Dollar.

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