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CFTC Position Watch - Massive drop in JPY short positioning

Massive drop in JPY short positioning

Markets Morning - Stocks tanking, gold higher, USD under pressure, welcome to funkytown

With very little data this week price action on US stock markets will be the big driver. 

Is this it? President Trump's China tariffs might be the catalyst for global markets to go into a huge funk

Markets are edging closer to this funk becoming a rout. But we aren't there yet. February's stock lows need to break first. 

7 Things You Missed This Week - w/c 19 Mar

Test your Forex trading and macroeconomic knowledge with our weekly quiz.

It might be time for the Aussie dollar to utterly collapse

Holding in. But if stocks get really funky expect the Aussie to come under intense pressure. 

Video: Market Morning - 23 Mar

A trade war has spoked stocks and given the Japanese Yen a bid. I’m watching US 10’s as well to see if this risk off tone is going to get worse, possible much so.

Markets Morning - Risk is off as markets react to Trump's China tariffs and fears of a trade war

IT's increasingly looking like February might have been just a prelude to a bigger funk.

Video: Market Morning - 22 Mar

The USD came under heavy fire after the Fed failed to live up to forex traders hawkish expectations. Oil and gold surged as well.

After an already big reversal USDCAD may have further to fall

Breaking an important trendline and pointing lower.

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