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Market Musings Monday November 6 - US data delivers a rally in stocks, the dollar, and bonds

And this Saudi Arabian purge over the weekend is going to capture much attention also. 

Video: Market Morning - 3 Nov

The tax plan and Powell as Fed governor were non-events. But non-farms tonight is unlikely to be.

The Australian dollar is just one good retail sales print away from busting higher

The Aussie is in a downtrend and today's retail sales will determine if the counter-trend rally has legs.

Asia Today - Entering the pointy end of the week, DollarWon hits a 3 month low, manufacturing PMI's lower

Bank of England, Trump's Fed pick, the reveal of the Tax plan, and non-farms make for an interesting last couple of days for Asia markets. 

Video: Market Morning - 2 Nov

The Fed was upbeat on “solid” growth but traders are waiting on the BoE, Trump’s tax plan, his Fed pick, and non-farm payrolls.

AUD/NZD - Minor pullback or start of a correction?

AUD/NZD - Minor pullback or start of a correction?

The Australian dollar failed below 77 cents again overnight

Waiting for the next catalyst today's trade data will be important. 

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