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7 Things You Missed This Week - w/c 22 Jan

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Video: Market Morning - 25 Jan

The US dollar’s capitulation continued after Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said the US benefits from a weaker dollar.

Video: Market Morning - 24 Jan

The US dollar is weaker again as Sterling tops 1.40 and the Aussie bounced back from commodity induced weakness.

Back from the brink - the Australian dollar is at 80 cents as the USD slides again

The bulls still have it, but the Aussie is looking toppy.

Video: Market Morning - 23 Jan

Stocks roaring, but the US dollar is under pressure. That’s important because forex and commodities are correlating toward 1

Market's Morning - Rinse and Repeat, stocks and rates higher, US dollar under pressure

While US stocks and bond rates rise the US dollars fall has driven a worrying tightening in correlations across forex and commodity markets.

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