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Video: Market Morning - 29 Mar

The USD is still stuck in a range. But there are signs that a turn may be coming.

Markets Morning - USD dollar recovery gains momentum, stocks drift, bonds uncertain.

The narrative is the USD has only lifted because of month-end flows. But is that so? 

With the USD a little stronger there is little to recommend Aussie dollar longs

The bias is lower unless the USD falls out of bed again.

Video: Market Morning - 28 Mar

Stocks have found the same low the past three days, if that breaks all heck could break loose in forex, commodity and other markets.

Markets Morning - A dead cat bounce for stocks, bonds breaking lower and USD bid

last night's price action will have done some serious psychological damage to the bull case for stocks and risk assets.

Video: Market Morning - 27 Mar

A huge bounce for stocks but the US dollar is still under pressure, gold is up, oil reversed and Bitcoin is a bit lower.

Not vulnerable at all - the Aussie dollar bounced back with stocks and a weaker USD

0.7776/84 looks like a magnet and resistance. 

Markets Morning - BOOM, reduction in trade tensions fuels stocks surge, USD still pressured though, bonds quiet

Upside volatility is still volatility - but stocks traders will be happier this morning. USD bulls? Not so much.

Video: Market Morning - 26 Mar

It’s Monday so we’ll look at the medium term setup of the weekly charts after a tumultuous 5 days for markets.

Holding in, but the Australian dollar remains vulnerable

Supported by a weaker USD as iron ore, copper, and coal all fall.

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