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Video: Market Morning - 15 Mar

Politics played a big role last night in Forex moves while stocks dipped and oil had a wild for the Fed.

CHART: 2350 is the level I'm watching for the S&P 500

The Fed 's decision will help influence whether this recent stall in stocks rally is a pause to refresh or just the calm before the storm.

Wolfe Wave analysis of CADCHF

Since the end of February we have seen multiple Wolfe Waves forming in the CADCHF indicating that after the drop in prices, it could be time for a reversal.

The rally in iron ore and base metals is helping the Australian dollar stay firm as traders await the Fed

Now we wait for the Fed and what the decision and signalling does for the US dollar.

CHART: Is the low for crude oil now in?

Time for a bounce? Perhaps toward the mid $49 dollar region.

EU Open - Markets calm ahead of Fed; British Pound could come under pressure

Markets calm ahead of Fed; British Pound could come under pressure

Aussie, pound and US bonds rates drift higher as markets wait for the Fed: Markets Wrap

Not waiting for Godot, but certainly markets are waiting for the Fed this week.

Video: Market Morning - 14 Mar

It might have been a quiet night for stocks but the US dollar caught a quiet bid as bond rates rose in anticipation of this week's Fed decision.

CHART: Here's the level I'm watching in USDJPY this week

Can USDJPY take out overhead resistance at 115.50/60 or is it back toward 112?

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