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Perfect sunshine becomes the perfect storm as the US dollar recovery pressures the Aussie and commodities

Watch for Chinese data and a speech from RBA governor Lowe today as the key drivers. 

Market's Morning - ECB Nowotny calls out the US for its dollar policy, helping it surge; stocks settle

A big night for the dollar, oil, gold, and markets - AGAIN.

Video: Market Morning - 7 Feb

Turnaround Tuesday – we discuss the setups after a wild 24 hours of trade

The Aussie dollar has stopped falling as stocks recovered - what's next?

A bounce before more selling?

Market's Morning - Stability? Recovery? A settling in the panic at least.

Turnaround Tuesday - at least in the US. 

Video: Market Morning - 6 Feb

It’s been a huge night of for markets are stocks collapsed and risk went offered. We have a look at next for markets.

As the US dollar shows signs of a turn here are some questions worth pondering

A turn that's sustainable, or just a pause before further USD lows. 

Video: Market Morning - 5 Feb

It’s Monday at that means we take a long term look at markets via the weekly charts.

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