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Charts of the Week - How Far Can The Gold Rally Go?

Can Gold keep up the momentum or will the improvement in risk appetite slow the rally down? We also take a look at the GER30 and GBP/USD, where volatility may increase sharply towards the end of March.

How bad will it go for AUD/USD?

China’s trade surplus data release on last Thursday spurred some buyers’ interest in AUD after it reported better than expected (or less worse) imports data.

Weekly Review & Lookahead on Major FX Pairs (18 – 24 Feb 2019)

It was another humiliating defeat for Theresa May in Parliament last Thursday. Brexit headlines are poised to remain the major driver of its currency in the upcoming week.

3 Ways to Use an Economic Calendar When Trading Forex

Discover the top 3 ways to use the economic calendar when trading the global Forex markets. We look at how intraday, swing and momentum traders can take advantage of big moves likes Non-farm payroll data releases.

How to Use Market Volatility in Your Favour When Trading FX

Learn how to use volatility in your trading. Discover the factors causing volatility and how you can harness market fluctuations in your favour to better take advantage of large market moves covering the Forex, index, commodity and crypto markets.

Why Oil Prices Are Rising + Major Levels To Watch

Why Oil Prices Are Rising + Major Levels To Watch

Euro Crisis Worsening - what’s next for EUR/USD?

The European Commission cut its forecast for the Euro zone’s economic growth for 2019 and 2020 mainly due to global trade tensions.

US inflation - the hidden metrics to look for and how to trade it

The start of the year has been defined to at least some extent by a series of dovish calls from the Federal Reserve. Slowing US inflation and fears over the global economic outlook – caused in no small part by aggressive US trade policies – have cast a shadow over domestic growth prospects.

Charts of the Week - DAX struggles + Gold rally showing additional signs of weakness

DAX struggles + Gold rally showing additional signs of weakness

Not all gloom is doom for NZD… yet

RBA’s dovish comments on a more “neutral” policy stance from its previous hawkish position triggered a sell-off in the AUD and partially affected the NZD.

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