Forex Market News

Gold Weekly: An Extended Period of Consolidation Continues

Gold's period of consolidation continues as traders look for catalysts that will push it out of its tight range. Can the yellow metal regain its lustre?

6 Steps You Can Use to Use Losses to Improve Your Trading

Learn how to turn losses into something positive for your trading. Discover six practical steps that you can take to use losses to improve your trading.

Gold Weekly: Is There Further to Run, or Should Investors Cut and Run?

Gold remained on its back foot, weighed down by persistent outflows in the paper market.

Weekly Preview: Heavy Eurozone Data in Focus and Optimism over Trade Talks as a Trade Deal Is in Its ‘Final Stages’

Forex markets have a lot to digest this week as traders focus on European economic data, Brexit election and US-China trade talks. How are you positioning for these high-impact events?

3 Money Management Techniques to Boost Your Trading

Learn the 3 money management techniques that you can use to boost your forex trading results including: allocation of funds, position sizing and the use of stop-loss orders.

Oil Weekly: Top 3 Things That Will Weigh on Oil This Week

Like last week the narrative hasn’t changed much, where trade talks, OPEC compliance and U.S. oil inventories will feature broadly in Oil market discussions this week.

Gold Weekly: Gold and Other Assets Remain Hostage to Trade Talk Progress

The zig-zags in the US-Sino talks are dominating gold, as well as a plethora of other asset classes where investors tend to wear trade war emotions on the sleeve.

Weekly Preview: Trade Tensions Fueled After Trump Denies Agreeing to Roll Back on China’s Tariffs

For this week, we could be seeing a recovery of safe haven currencies while commodity currencies take a backseat after Trump says that he has not agreed to roll back on tariffs.

Oil Weekly: Oil Prices Remain Slippery

Oil prices have been under pressure over the past few weeks, but can the recent list of strong economic data give it the much needed boost?

Gold Weekly: Trade Talks & Economic Data to Steer Gold Price

Trade negotiations and US economic data will remain as the key drivers for gold prices. Can the yellow metal shine again soon?

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