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Bullish Crab in AUDJPY?

Since the middle of February, we have seen a drop in the price of AUDJPY which has followed the C-D line of a bullish crab pattern. The price has now reached point D which according to chart theory means the pattern has been completed and there should now be a reversal.

Is the Bearish Butterfly taking over – a medium term look at AUDUSD

The AUDUSD rate has been declining since the middle of March towards point D but this has been interrupted by a short bounce and retracement which is creating a new possible harmonic pattern in the form of a bearish butterfly. If by the end of trading over the next couple of days, the price continues to drop to around the 0.75006 level we could see a possible reversal back up the new C-D line.

EU Open - GBP strength persists; Aussie Dollar declines along with equities

GBP strength persists; Aussie Dollar declines along with equities

Video: Market Morning - 19 Apr

Sterling might have been the big mover but global markets are in a state of flux right now.

Australian dollar sidelined as traders have bigger fish to fry

This is not a good environment for the Australian dollar. 

Will there be a USDJPY Wave Reversal

Since the 10th of March we have seen a fall in the USDJPY rate which has created multiple Wolfe Waves indicating that after the recent drop, we could be looking at a reversal. The price has been falling since the announcement from Trump that the USD is overvalued but how much longer can this influence the market.

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