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Here's the zone OPEC is trying to drive crude oil into

Much is expected of this meeting but $52.39 is the key for WTI.

The Australian dollar bounced strongly from China downgrade lows amid US dollar slippage

A solid bounce but 0.7516 needs to break to open further topside. 

USDSGD Wolfe Wave Continued

Following on from the previous post looking at the USDSGD 1D chart, the price has now followed the expected path and has traded back into the wedge.

EU Open - China downgrade weighs on stocks & Aussie Dollar

China downgrade weighs on stocks & Aussie Dollar

Video: Market Morning - 24 May

Stocks were higher again overnight as faith is restored in the Trump trade. That seemed to help the US dollar which regained its footing driving the Euro and other currencies lower.


As investors regain faith in the Trump trade here's the levels to watch on the Dow and S&P

If a market won't go down on risks then it's a bull market. 

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