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Video: Market Morning - 20 Sep

It’s all about the Fed and its decision as markets move to some interesting levels

Forex Today: USD under pressure as traders bet the doves rule the roost

Forex traders await the Fed and are betting we see a dovish start to the taper. 

The tractor beam of 80 cents has caught the Aussie dollar once more

US dollar moves, and the Fed are key to the outlook.

New records for stocks, bond rates rise and the dollar falls as traders await the Fed: Markets Wrap

The taper of the balance sheet is a big deal. Though markets are taking it in their stride.

Possible reversal area in GBPUSD

We have a possible reversal area spotted in GBPUSD using multiple technical analysis methods. If we see a trace back in the price it would confirm the patterns providing a great trading opportunity.

Video: Market Morning - 19 Sep

As traders await the Fed other central bankers are making it clear they have had enough of the US dollar’s weakness.

Forex Today: Only the Euro can resist the US dollar's charms as central bankers drive markets

Central bankers are increasingly unhappy with the US dollar's fall. But will the fed play ball this week?

The Australian dollar fell overnight as traders probe for the real level of support

Traders have been selling rallies since the peak at 0.8124. Can the RBA change that?

Central bankers move markets again as rates rise and stocks post new records

A reinvigoration of the Trump trade is helping stocks and pushing bond rates higher. Forex not so much.

Chart of the Day - Sep 18th - AUD/CHF

Chart of the Day - Sep 18th - AUD/CHF

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