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Not higher, lower - The Australian dollar is heading down again

reversing off a failure at the top of the current down channel.

Markets Morning - Sterling cracks on Carney comments, stocks lower, US 10's at 2.91%

Inflation fears are rising and stocks aren't getting the strong earnings dividend.

Ask the Trader - 19 Apr

Episode 10 of AxiTrader's #AskTheTrader series. Greg will field questions from Twitter and answer them weekly on Fridays. Today, Greg talks range trading, event risk, currency devaluations and more

Video: Market Morning - 19 Apr

Danger, Will Robinson…Stocks in the US could hardly rally even with a surge in energy, basic materials, and industrials. Oil surged and the CAD and Pound were influenced by fundamentals.

The Aussie dollar is poised to break higher after copper's surge and if jobs are strong

Ready for a break - but the trendline has to giveway first. 

Markets Morning - Oil gushes, stocks a little higher, CAD and Pound lower

Sources say the Saudis might be looking for $100 a barrel!

Video: Market Morning - 18 Apr

Stocks might be higher, but the lack of follow through to other markets suggests traders and investors are still cautious.

No leakage from stocks to risk appetite leaves the Aussie dollar in the doldrums

Even with stocks up the Aussie could drift lower.

Markets Morning - Earnings support stocks, though forex and bonds unfazed, gold strangely bid

A very specific rally in stocks with little leakage into other markets. 

CHARTS: GBPUSD is back at the range top, what's next?

Data is going to be important in determining whether Sterling can break to the topside or reverse back inside the range. 

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