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EU Open - Yuan declines to fresh six-year low; Aussie and Pound fell overnight

The Yuan declined to a fresh six-year low overnight; the Pound and Aussie came under renewed pressure, while the Kiwi Dollar caught a bid.

Stocks flat as bond rates and the US dollar lift after Janet Yellen signaled the fed might run the US economy hot

Bonds and the US dollar up - more pain in store for stocks and gold?

Video: Market Morning - 17 Oct

The US dollar is bid and rates are higher as traders contemplate a "hot" US economy.

The Australian dollar is bid even though the US dollar is stronger - reflation?

It's still in a range but the Aussie dollar has plenty of support

Charts to Watch - Yen, Peso and Euro

Charts to keep an eye on this week - USD/JPY, USD/MXN, EUR/JPY and more...

EU Open - Chinese inflation data surprises; Euro again under pressure, while USD/JPY bounces

Chinese inflation data rose more than anticipated by the market; Euro is tumbling back towards 1.10, while USD/JPY bounced.

China data worried traders but stocks and forex recovered from their lows

Recovery from lows. But traders are still nervous. 

Video: Market Morning - 14 Oct

It could have been so much worse. But traders stepped back from the brink overnight.

EU Open - Risk-off following weak Chinese trade data; Yen rallies

It was risk-off in Asia following weaker than expected Chinese trade data; most major APAC stock indices finished the day in the red, while in FX, the Yen rallied.

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