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The Second Key to Forex System Development: Simple Entries and Complex Exits

Learn when to enter, where to place your stop and when to exit.

The Power of Beliefs and How They Shape Your Forex Trading Psychology

Some of our beliefs are formed out of traumatic experiences – or at least that’s often the case with the ones we find most difficult to change.These beliefs are not necessarily bad. They serve/served a purpose at one point in our lives, but they may not be that useful for our trading.

What are exotic currency pairs?

 The exotic currency pairs typically refer to the currency of emerging markets such as peripheral Europe, Latin America, Asia, and the Middle East. 

Forex Trading Mistakes That Cost You Money (Part 2)

5 more trading mistakes to be avoided by Forex traders.

10 Forex Trading Mistakes That Cost You Money (Part 1)

Trading mistakes cost you money, dent your confidence and spoil your trading record. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can improve. It starts with identifying your mistakes.

Infographic: MetaTrader Forex Trading Signals in MT4

Learn how to set up MetaTrader 4 signals in your AxiTrader MT4 account.

The Ultimate Guide to MetaTrader 4 Forex Trading Signals

This guide will help you understand how you can take advantage of the multitude of traders and trading systems through the signal service built into your MT4 trading platform.

Guide: Five Steps to Finding your Inner Trader

Contained within each of us is our inner trader. Too often it is hidden behind the weight of our emotions, but at times it springs forth to provide us with guidance we need to make insightful trading decisions.

Market Types: The First Key to Forex System Development

We have all done it. Embarked on the quest to find the Holy Grail of Forex trading – A system that produces consistent results week in week out with a limited drawdown and nicely upward sloping equity curve.

How Global Events Impact Your Forex Trades

And the big events? They don’t always turn out to be all they’re cracked up to be. So what’s a trader to do? Here’s a few different approaches you can take.

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