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Video: Market Morning - 24 Apr

The USD fought back with a vengeance overnight and is on the cusp of a massive breakout.

Poised to collapse - the Australian dollar is on the precipice as traders await CPI

The downtrend has been sharp and powerful - now CPI looms large over the AUDUSD outlook. 

Markets Morning - US dollar surge, 10's just below 3%, stocks dip

Yeah Baby...the USD has its mojo back. But it hasn't broken yet. 

Video: Market Morning - 23 Apr

It’s Monday and that means we look at the medium term weekly set-ups for forex, stocks, and commodities.

CFTC Position Watch - Speculators remain bearish USD

Speculators remain bearish USD

Markets Morning - US 10's close the week at the highest level since 2014, dollar bid, stocks slide

We are nearing a big break in US 10's and the US dollar. If it comes market ructions will likely follow. 

Video: The Week Ahead - 22 Apr

Here's a look at the data and events for the week ahead and a few key charts

7 Things You Missed This Week - w/c 20 Apr

Test your Forex trading and macroeconomic knowledge with our weekly quiz.

Video: Market Morning - 20 Apr

Carney carnage for thee pound resonated across other pairs as rates rose and stocks swooned.

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