Video: Market Morning - 13 Mar

US non-farms shot the lights out but bonds rallied, the US dollar sold off and stocks rose. What gives?

Video: Market Morning - 10 Mar

Oil bounced off important support below $49 and bond rates are rising. Both are huge news as traders wait for non-farm payrolls.

Video: Market Morning - 9 Mar

A big night for markets as many of the moves we've been talking about happened. What's next?

Video: Market Morning - 8 Mar

The market turn continues as Copper, stocks, gold, and the Aussie dollar all focus lower.

Video: Market Morning - 7 Mar

Stocks lower, commodities dip, and the US dollar holds its own. But are we seeing a subtle turn in markets right now?

Video: Market Morning - 6 Mar

Yellen promised rate hikes, more than one. But the US dollar drifted and stocks rose a little. Now the market needs to digest the latest US political revelations as well.

Video: Market Morning - 2 Mar

Dow at 21,000, the S&P just below 2,400, the FTSE at record highs and stocks exploding higher as traders applaud a more presidential Trump.

Video: Market Morning - 1 Mar

The Fed has signaled March is a live meeting for a rate hike. That's helped the US dollar surge - now for President Trump.

Video: Market Morning - 28 Feb

The Dow is up for the 12th day in a row but overall markets are quiet waiting for president Trump to address a joint sitting of Congress.

Video: Market Morning - 27 Feb

Something weird is going on in markets at the moment as gold rallies diverging from recent drivers.

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