Video: Market Morning - 15 Mar

Bonds are rolling over and stock traders seem to be selling the rally – it’s an interesting time for these and Forex markets right now.

Video: Market Morning - 14 Mar

Geopolitics is back in the headlines and markets got a little funky….but not too much. Not yet at least.

Video: Market Morning - 13 Mar

The US dollar can not take a trick despite ECB officials continuing to signal policy divergence. Traders are now waiting for US CPI to be released tonight.


Video: Market Morning - 12 Mar

A booming non-farms and quiet bond markets sets the backdrop to our weekly look at Forex, Commodities, and Stock Indexes

Ask the Trader - 9 Mar

Episode 8 of AxiTrader's #AskTheTrader series. Greg will field questions from Twitter and answer them weekly on Fridays. Today, Greg looks into a simple system for range bound markets and data releases.

Video: Market Morning - 9 Mar

Some big turn arounds for President Trump as well as Euro, Sterling, and the Aussie dollar.


Video: Market Mornings - 8 Mar

Traders bought the dip in anticipation of a watering down of the Trump's the set up as a result

Video: Market Morning - 7 Mar

Last nights moves were neither here nor and did not challenge the overall picture of rising uncertainty.

Video: Market Morning - 6 Mar

Markets took the view that the President’s tariffs are just a bargaining position. So stocks, rates, and the US dollar all rose. Happy Trading,


Video: Market Morning - 5 Mar

Markets came back from the brink Friday as traders reassessed President Trump’s tariff plan. But have they priced the obvious deterioration with Tweets from the president over the weekend?

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