Video: Market Morning - 8 May

Macron won as expected and the big question for markets is whether that's already baked into the cake.

Video: French Election Primer

With a 20 point lead Emmanuel Macron is expected to easily win Sunday's French presidential election. But that doesn't mean this is a non-event for markets. The opposite is the case. 

Video: Market Morning - 5 May

A huge night for commodity and Forex markets as oil, gold, copper and the Australian dollar came under pressure. Euro caught a bid and USDJPY found resistance.

Video: Market Morning - 4 May

Stocks were quiet but there were some big moves in currency and commodity markets we need to discuss. 

Video: Market Morning - 3 May

Oil had an interesting night falling into the low $47 region before a minor recovery. Gold was also lower before it too recovered as markets broadly wait for the FOMC tonight and jobs data Friday. 


Video: Market Morning - 2 May

Gold is lower on signs president Trump is deescalating tensions on the Korean peninsula, while the Aussie, Kiwi and USDJPY caught a bid.

Video: Market Morning - 1 May

US data continues to print weaker than expected undermining the US dollar but stocks remain solid because earnings are just so much stronger than expected.

Video: Market Morning - 28 Apr

Mario Draghi knocked the Euro a little lower, the Aussie remains pressured, and stocks went nowhere. OIl had a very interesting night.

Video: Market Morning - 27 Apr

USDJPY had a sharp reversal and stocks backed off their highs as traders reacted with a big "meh" to president Trump's tax plan. The Aussie, Kiwi, MXN, and CAD are all under pressure as fears of a trade war grow.

Video: Market Morning - 26 Apr

Risk is on as stocks, the Euro and USDJPY all broke higher. Gold is down as a result but the Aussie dollar has missed the boat.

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