Video: Market Morning - 25 Jan

The US dollar’s capitulation continued after Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said the US benefits from a weaker dollar.

Video: Market Morning - 24 Jan

The US dollar is weaker again as Sterling tops 1.40 and the Aussie bounced back from commodity induced weakness.

Video: Market Morning - 23 Jan

Stocks roaring, but the US dollar is under pressure. That’s important because forex and commodities are correlating toward 1

Video: Market Morning - 22 Jan

The BoJ and ECB loom large over markets this week. Here’s a look at the set up over a longer timeframe using weekly charts.

Video: Market Morning - 19 Jan

US bonds are rising and the US dollar has not made new lows. Things might be shifting.

Ask the Trader - 19 Jan

Episode 2 of AxiTrader's #AskTheTrader series. Greg will field questions from Twitter and answer them weekly on Fridays. Today, Greg looks into trendlines and average true ratios in MT4.

Video: Market Morning - 18 Jan

ECB jawboning the Euro, the Fed’s Beige Book, and comments on rates all contributed to a turn in the USD this morning. Stocks surged again as well.

Video: Market Morning - 17 Jan

Some very interesting price action over the past 24 hours in many markets. 

Video: Market Morning - 16 Jan

The USD came under heavy selling pressure again. But the move is looking stretched short term.

Video: Market Morning - 15 Jan

Euro and Sterling had huge moves Friday as the USD came under renewed pressure. We look at these moves and many more in Forex and commodities. 

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