Video: Market Morning - 11 Nov

Traders are picking winners across global markets as they try to decipher the impact of 'Trumponomics'.

Video: Market Morning - 10 Nov

Markets recovered with the US dollar and stocks rallying. But don't confuse that with settling.

Video: Market Morning - 9 Nov

The markets have spoken and Clinton will be the next president of the United States. Now the voters just have to agree.

Video: Market Morning - 8 Nov

Risk is back on as traders vote for Clinton. But I'm still flat.

Video: US Election Trading Strategy

Greg McKenna, Chief Market Strategist at AxiTrader, explains his trading strategy for the upcoming US Presidential Election.

Video: Market Morning - 10 Nov

Forex markets saw some aggressive moves in early Asia after FBI director Comey said Hillary Clinton has no case to answer.

Video: Market Morning - 4 Nov

The pound shot higher, but stocks did something we haven’t seen since the GFC, that’s ominous as the election nears.

Video: Market Morning - 3 Nov

Trump and oil were the order of the day again - but gold roared and the AUssie dollar is stronger than it would normally be.

Video: Market Morning - 2 Nov

There is a sense of growing fear in markets that traders have underestimated Donald Trump - that moved prices overnight.

Video: Market Morning - 1 Nov

Markets aren’t worried about a Trump presidency but Oil collapsed and is closing in on our $46 level.

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