Video: Market Morning - 28 Sept

Markets love a winner. It seems that's especially the case if its Hillary Clinton.

Video: Market Morning - 27 Sept

Yen buying was the order of the day as traders try to thump USDJPY lower - but all eyes are on the Clinton Trump debate today.

Video: Market Morning - 26 Sept

Markets across multiple asset classes are respecting technicals and trendlines - that tells you something.

Video: Market Morning - 23 Sept

Would you really buy Yen and Euro over the US dollar? - Let's talk about that.

Video: Market Morning - 22 Sept

USDJPY had a wild ride over the past 24 hours while the Aussie dollar is sharply higher.

Video: Market Morning - 21 Sept

It’s a huge 24 hours with the Bank of Japan and FOMC decisions. USDJPY is at a critical juncture, as is AUDJPY.

Video: Market Morning - 20 Sept

The Australian dollar shot higher yesterday as the US dollar came under pressure. But it ran into heavy selling overnight as US stocks failed to follow through on Asian and European ebullience.

Video: Market Morning - 19 Sept

It's a huge week for markets with the FOMC and BoJ meetings amongst many other central bank meetings the standouts. Markets are a little more jittery than they might have been after Friday's CPI in the US. What's the week look like? I discuss.

Video: Market Morning - 15 Sept

Oil collapsed again even though stocks didn't build as expected. That's the sign of a bear market. Stocks slipped after that, the Aussie dollar pulled back from 75 cents and the signs of a paradigm shift in markets were front and centre once again.

Video: Market Morning - 14 Sept

Stocks dropped, oil collapsed, the Aussie dollar fell under 75 cents and investors retreated to the sidelines amid a general air of risk aversion.

Why? Because bond rates rising could be the paradigm shift that alters the way markets have been working these past few years.

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