Video: Market Morning - 12 Apr

Stocks may be sanguine, but the move in gold, the yen, the VIX and bonds suggest traders are a little nervous as geopolitical tensions rise

Video: Market Morning - 11 Apr

Moves in oil, gold, USDJPY and the VIX last night suggest uncertainty in markets is increasing

Video: Market Morning - 10 Apr

Markets have had a gentler open in Asia today than we could have hoped Friday. But that doesn't mean traders should be complacent. 

Video: Market Morning - 7 Apr

As markets await non-farm payrolls and the upshot of the meeting between presidents Xi and Trump there are more signs traders are recalibrating expectations about the future.

Video: Market Morning - 6 Apr

The Fed signal both disquiet with stock valuations and that it could start tapering its balance sheet.

Video: Market Morning - 5 Apr

Stocks recovered again from their lows in the US as traders await the Xi/Trump meeting and non-farms. But perhaps it's USDJPY which is the best window into what's going on right now.

Video: Market Morning - 4 Apr

Bonds and stocks are telling us different things about the outlook. And it's signaling heightened uncertainty.

Video: Market Morning - 2 Apr

It's a big week for local and domestic markets with the meeting between Chinese and US presidents the highlight.

Video: Market Morning - 31 Mar

A big reversal in the Euro and yen suggests a turn for the US dollar. Gold is down and Oil is breaking higher.

Video: Market Morning - 29 Mar

Markets want to believe in president Trump. That's the clear message from last night's price action in stocks, bonds, and Forex.

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