Video: Market Morning - 8 Feb

Markets are not out of the woods yet with stocks price action and forex volatility a warning.

Video: Market Morning - 7 Feb

Turnaround Tuesday – we discuss the setups after a wild 24 hours of trade

Video: Market Morning - 6 Feb

It’s been a huge night of for markets are stocks collapsed and risk went offered. We have a look at next for markets.

Video: Market Morning - 5 Feb

It’s Monday at that means we take a long term look at markets via the weekly charts.

Ask the Trader - 2 Feb

Episode 3 of AxiTrader's #AskTheTrader series. Greg will field questions from Twitter and answer them weekly on Fridays. Today, Greg looks into Bollinger Bands, MACD parameters and more.

Video: Market Morning - 2 Feb

The Bond rout may have begun... that has big implications

Video: Market Morning - 1 Feb

Traders react to the FOMC.

Video: Market Morning - 31 Jan

After another night of selling on stocks and rising bond rates traders are wondering what’s next. While this happens the US dollar is trying to stabilise.

Video: Market Morning - 30 Jan

A turn in markets to start the week makes for some interesting setups across forex, stocks, bonds and commodities.

Video: Market Morning - 29 Jan

Our weekly look at the longer term set up in forex, commodity, and stock markets.

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