Video: Market Morning - 19 July

The USD can’t holds its gains, what’s that about?

Video: Market Morning - 18 July

Dollar Yen and stocks are breaking higher... is that a sign of a renewed optimism about the US economy and USD?

Video: Market Morning - 17 July

Oil collapsed but forex markets are in hiatus as they await the next shoe to drop for the USD.

Video: This Week in Cryptocurrencies - 17 July

Greg looks into the charts that matter this week in Crypto markets.

Video: Market Morning - 16 July

It’s Monday, so we’ll have a look at the set up for markets on the weekly charts.

Video: The Week Ahead - 15 July

Greg takes a look at what might move the markets this week.

Video: Market Morning - 13 July

Markets settled a little overnight as we await a Chinese response. Elsewhere, President Trump continues to cut a swathe though Europe.

Video: Market Morning - 12 July

Oil got belted, copper collapsed, and the USD surged. Just another day in a fractious world of markets.

Video: Market Morning - 11 July

Trump throws a spanner in the works.

Video: This week in Cryptocurrencies - 10 July

The first of Greg's weekly looks into the charts that matter in Crypto markets.

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