Video: Market Morning - 27 July

The US dollar collapsed after the dovish Fed. But much bad news is now baked into the cake.

Video: Market Morning - 26 Jul

It’s a big day for the Aussie dollar today, but there are also signs things may be changing for Forex markets more broadly.

Video: Market Morning - 25 Jul

Don’t be fooled that nothing is going on in Forex markets. Two big themes dominate.

Video: Market Morning - 24 Jul

So much has happened in just two and a half short weeks. But the big questions is has the US dollar fallen far enough

Video: Market Morning - 5 Jul

The Canadian and Australian dollar moved sharply in response to central bank messages. While elsewhere central bankers continue to hog the limelight.

Video: Market Morning - 4 Jul

The US dollar caught a bid overnight as traders lacked the will and catalysts to push recent weakness further. Oil surged again and bond rates rose.

Video: Market Morning - 3 Jul

Bonds are the key to everything at the moment as stocks start to drift and Forex pairs hit important levels.

Video: Market Morning - 29 Jun

Forex markets continued to be roiled by central bank speak while oil traders have shrugged off their bearishness - for now.

Video: Market Morning - 28 Jun

Big moves in the Euro and Pound as central bank policy comes back to the fore. Oil’s rally stalled after another build in crude.

Video: Market Morning - 27 Jun

Gold collapsed, oil continued its recovery, and the US dollar found a bit. It was a very interesting night in markets.

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