Video: Market Morning - 13 Apr

The apparent de-escalation of tension on trade and Syria, plus the prospect of a solid earnings season gave stocks and risk appetite a lift.

Video: Market Morning - 12 Apr

Were it not for geopolitics stocks and the Aussie might be quite a bit higher.

Video: Market Morning - 11 Apr

Traders breathed a sign of relief as President Xi choose to deescalate tensions on trade. That saw stocks, commodities, and the commodity blow currencies surge.

Video: Market Morning - 10 Apr

The ranges persist as traders wait to see if this trade battle becomes a war.

Video: Market Morning - 9 Apr

Video: Market Morning - 6 Apr

President Trump has put the cat among the pigeons with his escalation of the tariff battle with China. Let’s see what that means for markets.


Video: Market Morning - 5 Apr

Stocks recovered and are pointing higher but forex traders are still waiting for a decisive range break for the USD.

Video: Market Morning - 4 Apr

A day of consolidation for stocks and range trading for forex where ranges largely remain intact.

Video: Market Morning - 3 Apr

It’s already a big start to the second quarter for markets, here’s our look at the weekly set-ups.

Video: Market Morning - 29 Mar

The USD is still stuck in a range. But there are signs that a turn may be coming.

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