Video: Market Morning - 8 Feb

The US dollar regained some footing last night as concerns about Europe grow. Oil and the Aussie dollar both fell and are under pressure.

Video: Market Morning - 7 Feb

Gold has broken higher and the USDJPY is below 112 as a safe haven bid enters markets.

Video: Market Morning - 6 Feb

The US dollar is at risk of a deep reversal with positioning still long and as the German Finance minister agreeing the Euro is too low.

Video: Market Morning - 3 Feb

AUDUSD ran into a wall at 77 cents and stocks were quiet while the US dollar caught a bid as traders await the release of non-farm payrolls.

Video: Market Morning - 2 Feb

The US put Iran "on notice", lifting oil and gold. Elsewhere it was about the Fed.

Video: Market Morning - 1 Feb

Donald Trump again made it clear last night that he hates a strong dollar. That drove the US dollar lower across the board and saw gold rally.

Video: Market Morning - 31 Jan

Stocks were buffeted by uncertainty around president Trump's immigration moves. So much so they missed the fact he also issued an Executive order on regulation...

Video: Market Morning - 30 Jan

Politics is the new black - here's what it means for markets this week.

Video: Market Morning - 25 Jan

What a difference a day makes - stocks like Trump now and the US dollar found some support.

Video: Market Morning - 24 Jan

Donald Trump is shaking up the global economic paradigm and markets are a little flustered.

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