Video: Market Mornings - 8 June

Oil fell heavily, gold is respecting it's trend line, the Aussie is lower and with the Kiwi above 72 cents that means AUDNZD is lower and perhaps headed toward parity. But before that happens we have a hugely important release of non-farm payrolls tonight.

Video: Market Mornings - 7 July

It could have been much worse overnight. But stocks and the Aussie dollar rallied as stronger then expected US data was a salve to the fear and weakness across markets in Asia and Europe.

Video: Market Mornings - 6th July

It was a bad night for risk as echoes of 2007 were heard across markets after news broke that 3 UK property funds had halted redemptions. Throw in the Italian banking crisis and stocks, the Aussie dollar, commodities and Sterling fell. Bonds, the Yen and gold were bid as result.

Video: Market Mornings - 5th July

Gold is banging on the underneath of important long term resistance which if it breaks will substantially change the outlook for gold and precious metals more broadly. Likewise the Aussie dollar is strong after inflation data and as Forex traders bet the RBA will issue a hawkish governor's statement.

Video: Market Mornings - Australian Election, Aussie Dollar & Stocks

Special Edition: The result of the Australian election has put the Aussie dollar and local stocks under potential pressure. In this special edition we evaluate the outlook.

Video: Market Mornings - 1 July

Another solid night for stocks but not so the pound which was sold again after bank of England Governor Mark Carney promised easing from the Bank of England. Crude was off on OPEC supply and it and Euro have a nice set up brewing.

Video: Market Mornings - 30 June

Markets continued to settle overnight with solid moves higher in European and US stocks. But that rally belied the continued strength in gold and the selling that came into sterling above 1.35. That suggests this rally could prove tenuous.

Video: Market Mornings - 29 June

A better night for markets with a recovery in stocks and in foreign exchange as traders react to the acute weakness and appear to recognise Brexit is a UK/EU issue not a threat to global finance.

Video: Market Mornings - 28 June

The fallout continues as traders sell Sterling and reduce exposures to the recent risk on moves in stocks, oil, and commodity currencies. With political uncertainty still high in Britain there is no circuit breaker on the horizon.

Video: Market Mornings - 27 June

Sterling is under pressure again this morning as the political fallout from the vote to leave the EU increases uncertainty for the pound and global markets more broadly. This is not a Lehman's moment, yet. But it's clear investors are worried.

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