Video: Market Morning - 15 Dec

The FOMC raised rates and then inadvertently scared the heck out of traders driving bonds and the US dollar higher.

Video: Market Morning - 14 Dec

Special: December FOMC decision and implications decision

Video: Market Morning - 13 Dec

Oil and the yen mapped out an ugly reversal from highs as traders looked around and wonder who would buy next.

Video: Market Morning - 12 Dec

Oil could be about to bust out even as the US dollar surges again.

Video: Market Morning - 9 Dec

Mario Draghi refilled his bazooka aiming squarely at the Euro's rally.

Video: Market Mornings - 8 Dec

Stocks melt-up as the US dollar and oil dip.

Video: Market Morning - 7 Dec

A new record high for the Dow in a pretty good night for markets. Oil was down and Aussie dollar traders are waiting on today's Q3 GDP release.

Video: Market Morning - 6 Dec

Markets in Europe and the US decided they don't care about Italy overnight and got on with buying stocks, the Euro and Yen.

Video: Market Morning - 5 Dec

Let's talk about Italy, it's the key today.

Video: Markets Morning - 2 Dec

Oil and bonds higher, but the US dollar didn't catch a bid.

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