Video: Market Morning - 12 Aug

It's a triple treat of all-time highs for the Dow, Nasdaq and S&P 500. That's the first time all three indexes closed at fresh highs on the same day since 1999.

In no small part the stock rally was aided and abetted by a surge in crude of more than 4%. It all helped the US dollar push a little higher knocking the Aussie and Kiwi back.

Video: Market Morning - 11 Aug

The RBNZ cuts rates and promised more at today's meeting. But the Kiwi rallied toward the top of the 8 month trend channel. Resistance should be strong but the NZD and Aussie dollar are high yielders in a low rate world.

Video: Market Morning - 10 Aug

The Australian dollar continues to hang tough and is edging out of the top of the recent range at 4 month highs this morning. It's a most disliked rally by many but the reason to sell it are absent at the moment.

Video: Market Morning - 9 Aug

Stocks dipped put came back strongly to close down just a little in the US but the big stories of the night were the bid that came for the Aussie dollar and another 2% plus rise in the price of Crude oil.


Video: Market Morning - 8 Aug

US non-farm payrolls printed a solid 255,000 jobs for July but even though bonds rose a little and the US dollar strengthened there is no fear of a tough Fed tightening cycle. That saw stocks make new all time highs, while the Aussie dollar and Gold were a little lower.

Video: Market Morning - 5 Aug

The Bank of England took out the monetary bazooka and delivered a cut, more QE and an innovative plan to force banks to pass on the cut. That knocked sterling lower.

Elsewhere crude was higher again and the Aussie dollar is sitting just below important resistance.

Video: Market Morning - 4 Aug

Crude oil rallied last night giving markets a better tone and pulling stocks back from their lows. Traders are now waiting on the Bank of England tonight and a resolution the Aussie dollar's current technical formation.

Video: Market Morning - 3 Aug

Stocks and the US dollar came under pressure last night as yen buying and further oil weakness weighed. The US dollar's fall is the tide that lifted all boats especially the Aussie dollar which is back above 76 cents even though the RBA cut rates yesterday.

Video: Market Morning - 2 Aug

Stocks might have put a top in place given the sharp shift in psychology and sentiment in the past couple of trading sessions. That's been helped by more falls for oil. But the key focus in Asia today is the Aussie dollar and the RBA decision this afternoon.

Video: Market Morning - 1 Aug

The US dollar came under heavy pressure after the Bank of Japan's decision Friday and the selling accelerated after the weaker than expected US GDP release. That has driven the Aussie to 76 cents, gold back to $1350 and might have signalled a hiatus in crude oil's recent fall.

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