Video: Market Morning - 22 Aug

Forex traders are still wrestling over the fate of the US dollar as are stock traders as indexes start to point lower.

Video: Market Morning - 21 Aug

I’ll look at forex as usual but today it seems worth talking about Stocks and how they are pointing lower.  

Video: Market Morning - 18 Aug

The Euro looks biased lower, and stocks have broken down. How markets end the week is going to be interesting.

Video: Market Morning - 17 Aug

The US dollar’s rally remains speculative and prone to reversals. For the moment, the bears are in control again.

Video: Market Morning - 16 Aug

The data is supporting the US dollar recovery – and it looks set to continue

Video: Market Morning - 18 August

The US dollar recovered overnight but is yet to break last week’s highs – so it’s not out of the woods just yet.

Video: Market Morning - 14 Aug

The US dollar lost ground on Friday as traders wonder whether the recovery is already ended or this is just a pause.

Video: Market Morning - 10 Aug

Stocks, and most currency pairs recovered from North Korean conflict fears. But gold and the Swissie held a bid. What’s that about?

Video: Market Morning - 9 Aug

An escalation of North Korean tensions added complexity to a night of US dollar recovery and cruelled early stock gains.


Video: Market Morning - 8 Aug

More evidence that the US dollar is turning…but there is still much wood to chop

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