Video: Market Mornings - 10 June

With bonds and gold rallying, stocks edging lower along with crude and the Aussie dollar; it looks like the Brexit vote is starting to weigh on sentiment in global markets.

Video: Market Mornings - 9 June

The Kiwi is the standout today breaking higher after the RBNZ left rates on hold. That helped drag the Aussie dollar to 75 cents as did the continued rally in Crude, US stocks and the increase in risk appetite.

Video: Market Mornings - 8 June

The Aussie, Stocks, and Oil continue to confound the negativity surrounding them as all three markets pushed higher. That tells you much about this markets psyche and while none of these markets feel ripe for another huge leg higher the topside pressure remains.

Video: Market Mornings - 7 June

No one could have been surprised that Fed chair Janet Yellen continued to say the Fed is on track to increase rates this year. But the fact that she highlighted there were more positives than negatives for the US economy helped stocks break higher while the US dollar was mixed.

Video: Market Mornings - 6 June

After the surprise collapse in US job creation the US dollar fell hard on Friday night. That saw Euro, Aussie and Gold all bounce nicely off support while the Yen’s charge continued. Stocks in the US remain at the top of the range and appear remarkably strong.

Video: Market Mornings - 3 June

The Yen is still strong, Euro dipped after Mario Draghi, the AUD is under pressure and Stocks pressed higher as they climb a wall of worry suggesting that the market doesn't need to go too much further to drag money off the sidelines. Now for non-farm payrolls.

Video: Market Mornings - 2 June

It was a big night for traders. Crude and stocks dipped before recovering, the US dollar was weaker against the Euro and the Yen but the Aussie dollar lagged as traders bet the GDP won't stop the RBA cutting again. Copper was lower too as Chinese PMI's reminded all that growth still looks weak.

Video: Market Morning - 1 June

Forex markets are at some interesting levels with Euro and Sterling near important support and the AUDUSD rallying from a rounded bottom. Stocks pulled back from range highs and oil is lower. It makes for interesting set ups as the data deluge begins today.

Video: Market Morning - 31 May

Don't be fooled. It was a quiet night but that doesn't mean nothing is happening. USDJPY is headed higher, gold dipped below $1200 and ounce and copper dipped again.

Video: Market Morning - 30 May

It's a huge week for markets as they grapple with a data deluge and confirmation from Fed chair Janet Yellen that it is appropriate that rates in the US rise soon.

Add in a number of markets resting on or near important levels and you have plenty of events and opportunities for traders.

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