Video: Market Morning - 17 Jan

While traders await Theresa May's Brexit speech Donald Trump gave us plenty to think about... that lifted gold and the US dollar.

Video: Market Morning - 16 Jan

It's a big week for traders as the Sterling and the US Dollar come under pressure. Can stocks hold firm in the run up to the inauguration?

Video: Market Morning - 22 Dec

A quieter night - but just like the rest of 2016 there was a surprise from Sweden's Riksbank.

Video: Market Morning - 20 Dec

In a night where geopolitics reminds traders of what what 2017 might feel like US stocks still managed gains and the US dollar strengthened.

Video: Market Morning - 19 Dec

It's a big 24 hours to start the week with MYEFO, BoJ, and Janet Yellen.

Video: Market Morning - 16 Dec

Stocks recovered but Forex traders are still betting on the US dollar.

Greg McKenna on Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia - 15 Dec

Fed Raises Rates...But Are They Still Behind the Curve?

Video: Market Morning - 15 Dec

The FOMC raised rates and then inadvertently scared the heck out of traders driving bonds and the US dollar higher.

Video: Market Morning - 14 Dec

Special: December FOMC decision and implications decision

Video: Market Morning - 13 Dec

Oil and the yen mapped out an ugly reversal from highs as traders looked around and wonder who would buy next.

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