Video: Market Morning - 24 Apr

The USD fought back with a vengeance overnight and is on the cusp of a massive breakout.

Video: Market Morning - 23 Apr

It’s Monday and that means we look at the medium term weekly set-ups for forex, stocks, and commodities.

Video: The Week Ahead - 22 Apr

Here's a look at the data and events for the week ahead and a few key charts

Video: Market Morning - 20 Apr

Carney carnage for thee pound resonated across other pairs as rates rose and stocks swooned.

Ask the Trader - 19 Apr

Episode 10 of AxiTrader's #AskTheTrader series. Greg will field questions from Twitter and answer them weekly on Fridays. Today, Greg talks range trading, event risk, currency devaluations and more

Video: Market Morning - 19 Apr

Danger, Will Robinson…Stocks in the US could hardly rally even with a surge in energy, basic materials, and industrials. Oil surged and the CAD and Pound were influenced by fundamentals.

Video: Market Morning - 18 Apr

Stocks might be higher, but the lack of follow through to other markets suggests traders and investors are still cautious.

Video: Market Morning - 17 Apr

Ranges and resistance are persistent across many major markets. But are the S&P 500, the Aussie and Pound the vanguard of a break?

Video: Market Morning - 16 Apr

It’s Monday and that means we have a look at the weekly charts and the longer term setups.

Video: The Week Ahead - 15 Apr

Let’s take a tour of the big macro events and look at three charts which traders will be watching this week.

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