Video: Market Morning - 24 May

Stocks were higher again overnight as faith is restored in the Trump trade. That seemed to help the US dollar which regained its footing driving the Euro and other currencies lower.


Video: Market Morning - 23 May

Angela Merkel bulled the Euro as the buy the dip crowd bought stocks and commodities.

Video: Market Morning - 22 May

Oil and the Euro surged while stocks shrugged off the mid-week selling. Now for the OPEC meeting a week where president Trump might be too occupied to Tweet.

Video: Market Morning - 19 May

Stocks bounced a little and the US dollar had a big reversal as solid data reminded traders it’s not all about the President.

Video: Market Morning - 18 May

So much to talk about today as markets go into a funk after traders worry the trump presidency and its plans for tax and infrastructure have been mortally wounded by the Russia and FBI scandals.

Video: Market Morning - 17 May

The US dollar has come under heavy pressure as US data misses and folks worry about the latest scandal to engulf president Trump endangering his legislative agenda. Gold is rocketing and futures are falling in early Asia as a result.

Video: Market Morning - 16 May

Oil shot higher but couldn’t hold all the gains overnight. But that was enough to send US stocks to new highs and the US dollar down across the board.

Video: Market Morning - 15 May

Stocks took weaker US data in their stride but forex traders drove the US dollar lower. Gold is up as geopolitical tensions remain elevated.

Video: Market Morning - 12 May

There is a shift occurring in markets and it could set the scene for the next month or so’s trade.


Video: Market Morning - 11 May

Crude rallied hard after a huge draw in inventories while the Kiwi got hammered. Another interest night in markets.  


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