Greg McKenna

Chief Market Strategist, AxiTrader

Greg McKenna has been working in financial markets since 1988. He is a Trader, Behavioural Finance & Economics Guy who had run billions of dollars as a fund manager at State Super, was Australia's first currency strategist at Westpac, was NAB's head of currency strategy and also Treasurer of a large building society.

For the past three years Greg had been running his own economic, trading and banking consultancy at, and he is Contributing Editor Markets and Economics at Business Insider Australia. 

Greg holds a Bachelor of Business (banking and finance) from Monash University and a Master of Applied Finance from Macquarie University. 

He's also a nice guy who loves his family, his mastiff, surfing, and sharing his knowledge and love of markets and trading.

Articles by Greg McKenna

Video: Market Morning - 17 Jan

While traders await Theresa May's Brexit speech Donald Trump gave us plenty to think about... that lifted gold and the US dollar.

What's next for the Pound now we know what Theresa May will say on Brexit

If we know what May will say does that mean the pound's weakness is over?

Pound stabilises, stocks dip, and Donald Trump threatens German carmakers with big Tariffs

A weaker night for stocks as trump and Brexit fears weigh. US dollar stronger and pound the big loser.

A quick look at gold above $1200 an ounce

Backing off important resistance in Asia today. 

The battle in the Chinese Yuan continues

Pulling back to find support. 

Video: Market Morning - 16 Jan

It's a big week for traders as the Sterling and the US Dollar come under pressure. Can stocks hold firm in the run up to the inauguration?

It's a big week for Donald Trump - and for markets

Sterling getting hammered as politics is again the big driver of markets. That's important in the week Donald trump will be inaugurated as the 45th POTUS.

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