Greg McKenna

Chief Market Strategist, AxiTrader

Greg McKenna has been working in financial markets since 1988. He is a Trader, Behavioural Finance & Economics Guy who had run billions of dollars as a fund manager at State Super, was Australia's first currency strategist at Westpac, was NAB's head of currency strategy and also Treasurer of a large building society.

For the past three years Greg had been running his own economic, trading and banking consultancy at, and he is Contributing Editor Markets and Economics at Business Insider Australia. 

Greg holds a Bachelor of Business (banking and finance) from Monash University and a Master of Applied Finance from Macquarie University. 

He's also a nice guy who loves his family, his mastiff, surfing, and sharing his knowledge and love of markets and trading.

Articles by Greg McKenna

Video: Market Morning - 24 Apr

The USD fought back with a vengeance overnight and is on the cusp of a massive breakout.

Poised to collapse - the Australian dollar is on the precipice as traders await CPI

The downtrend has been sharp and powerful - now CPI looms large over the AUDUSD outlook. 

Markets Morning - US dollar surge, 10's just below 3%, stocks dip

Yeah Baby...the USD has its mojo back. But it hasn't broken yet. 

Video: Market Morning - 23 Apr

It’s Monday and that means we look at the medium term weekly set-ups for forex, stocks, and commodities.

Markets Morning - US 10's close the week at the highest level since 2014, dollar bid, stocks slide

We are nearing a big break in US 10's and the US dollar. If it comes market ructions will likely follow. 

Video: The Week Ahead - 22 Apr

Here's a look at the data and events for the week ahead and a few key charts

Video: Market Morning - 20 Apr

Carney carnage for thee pound resonated across other pairs as rates rose and stocks swooned.

Not higher, lower - The Australian dollar is heading down again

reversing off a failure at the top of the current down channel.

Markets Morning - Sterling cracks on Carney comments, stocks lower, US 10's at 2.91%

Inflation fears are rising and stocks aren't getting the strong earnings dividend.

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