Why a Trading Journal Could Boost Your Trading Performance

The trading journal is one of the most underrated tools in the world of trading. The task of keeping such a journal can seem tedious in the beginning, and most traders lack the patience and discipline to update it frequently.

3 Things Every New Trader Needs to Know About the Forex Markets

Discover the 3 key things you must know about the Forex markets including actionable ideas to take your trading to the next level.

Five reasons to trade with MT4

Experienced Forex traders are all too familiar with the MT4 platform, but for those new to the world of trading, it may be a term that appears shrouded in a degree of mystery.


Video: Beginners Guide to Fibonacci in Forex Trading

Fibonacci levels are often used by traders as a guide to support, resistance, and targets. In this video, Greg McKenna explains a little of the history and explains how he uses Fibonacci day to day. 

WOOP WOOP – a guide to taking that step from demo to live trading

From dreams to reality - tangibilising your trading goals. 

Lessons I've learned from trading poorly

Two strategies that helped me get out of ruts and become a long term successful trader. 

Exiting trades successfully can be the hardest thing you do - here's a road map to success

Exiting losing trades is easy. It's the winners that are hard. Here's a simple approach to solving that conundrum.

Essentials of a Trading Plan - Part 3: The Strategy

In this third part of the “Essentials of a Trading Plan” series, we look at the strategy itself.

Essentials of a Trading Plan - Part 2: Goals and Risk Management

After covering why it is important to have a trading plan, we will now look at its structure and what topics you should cover in there. In this article, we will cover the topics “Goals” and “Risk Management”.

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