WOOP WOOP – a guide to taking that step from demo to live trading

From dreams to reality - tangibilising your trading goals. 

Lessons I've learned from trading poorly

Two strategies that helped me get out of ruts and become a long term successful trader. 

Essentials of a Trading Plan - Part 3: The Strategy

In this third part of the “Essentials of a Trading Plan” series, we look at the strategy itself.

Essentials of a Trading Plan - Part 2: Goals and Risk Management

After covering why it is important to have a trading plan, we will now look at its structure and what topics you should cover in there. In this article, we will cover the topics “Goals” and “Risk Management”.

Essentials of a Trading Plan - Part 1: Why do I need a Trading Plan?

This is the first article in the “Essentials of a Trading Plan” series. Here we explain why it is important to have a trading plan and what questions you should ask yourself.

Spotlight on New Exotic Currencies

Introduction to Asian/LatAm currency pairs

5 Things That May Surprise You About Forex Trading

When people make the decision to start trading Forex, a lot of them do so with the idea that theyre only a few clicks away from a quick fortune. If thats you, you might be surprised by some of the realities of Forex trading

5 Tips for Being a Prepared Trader

Trading begins long before you ever hit a button to place a trade. As much as being about the ups and downs of the markets, trading is also about mindset: get your head in the right space from the beginning and you’ll give yourself a better chance of success. The secret to it all is preparation…

Guide To Getting Good Trading Software

For a lot of people, the notion of Forex trading might conjure up images of swarms of traders yelling excitedly across a crowded trading floor and making strange hand gestures, accompanied by the constant slamming of phones. For many years that was a reality of life as a professional trader, but the trading environment has changed.

What is Latency?

Beginning in June, AxiTrader is launching a series of articles and expert commentary about trading technology, the impact it has on your trading and what you can do to improve it. This is part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring our clients have the best resources and information to help them succeed with their trading. What follows is the first article in the series, outlining the concept of latency. 

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