Essentials of a Trading Plan 3: The Strategy

Essentials of a Trading Plan 3: The Strategy

Hot Topic: Cash vs futures CFDs – what’s the difference?

In the Contract for Difference market, you may sometimes notice that the contracts are described as relating either to cash or rolling futures. So, what’s the difference and does it matter to your trading?

Essentials of a Trading Plan - Part 2: Goals and Risk Management

In the second part of the Trading Plan Series, we will discuss the importance of setting goals and some important Risk Management criteria

Essentials of a Trading Plan - Part 1: Why Do I Need a Trading Plan?

Learn about the benefits of having a trading plan and how it could help you improve your trading performance

Effective Ways to Perform Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental Analysis is the process of examining the economic, social and political factors that might affect the price and performance of a financial asset.

Top 3 Benefits of Using Automated Chart Pattern Signals

Discover the top 3 benefits of Using Automated Chart Pattern Signals to help you identify trading signals in real-time, provide you with more FX, Index and Crypto opportunities and help take your trading to the next level.

How to Perform Technical Analysis

Discover simple techniques to build Technical Analysis into your trading and help improve your profitability.

Top 3 Reasons to Use an MT4 Forex Demo Account

Here are our top 3 reasons to use an MT4 Forex Demo Account to boost your trading confidence. You can also learn our favourite trading techniques to enhance your trading skillsets which are used by professional traders worldwide.

3 Ways to Use an Economic Calendar When Trading Forex

Discover the top 3 ways to use the economic calendar when trading the global Forex markets. We look at how intraday, swing and momentum traders can take advantage of big moves likes Non-farm payroll data releases.

How to Use Market Volatility in Your Favour When Trading FX

Learn how to use volatility in your trading. Discover the factors causing volatility and how you can harness market fluctuations in your favour to better take advantage of large market moves covering the Forex, index, commodity and crypto markets.

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