The Third Key to Forex System Development: Damn Good Forex Trading Set-Ups (Part 2)

Some of the simplest and best Forex trading set-ups are derived from the art of technical analysis.

MT4 NexGen Mini Terminal

The Mini-Terminal is very powerful. It lets you order very effectively from the chart. 

The Third Key to Forex System Development: Damn Good Forex Set-Ups (Part 1)

There are five primary types of set-ups - Technical set-ups, News-based set-ups, Big picture fundamental set-ups, Sentiment set-ups, Expert set-ups

MT4 NexGen Guide: How to add features to your workspace

It is easy to install MT4 NexGen. First you need to have an AxiTrader live account with a balance of at least $1000.

10 Mental Tools to Inspire Peak Trading Performance

Here are 10 tools – some of them modes of thinking, some of them actions to take – to inspire flawless execution of your trading plan.

Avoiding Disaster: How to Conquer System Death for Good!

Disaster can be avoided. You don’t need to experience system death, if you know how to tell if a system has stopped working before you lose money.

A Conversation with an Ex-Bank Trader and What I Learned from a Bag of Marbles

Everyone knows that money management is a core component of trading success, but very few understand what this means on a deep level. Today we journey that little bit further down the Forex trading rabbit hole.

The Second Key to Forex System Development: Simple Entries and Complex Exits

Learn when to enter, where to place your stop and when to exit.

The Power of Beliefs and How They Shape Your Forex Trading Psychology

Some of our beliefs are formed out of traumatic experiences – or at least that’s often the case with the ones we find most difficult to change.These beliefs are not necessarily bad. They serve/served a purpose at one point in our lives, but they may not be that useful for our trading.

Forex Trading Mistakes That Cost You Money (Part 2)

5 more trading mistakes to be avoided by Forex traders.

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