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The AxiTrader team is full of people with decades of financial industry experience and knowledge of almost every aspect of trading. The AxiTrader Team blog, in addition to regular posts from our daily Market News contributors, is a place to share wider insights and ideas. In this section you’ll find posts about everything from Forex education and helpful hints for new traders to product updates and important market announcements. 

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7 Reasons Why Forex Trading Is Attracting So Many People

Learn the top benefits of trading the global Forex markets. Take advantage of diversification, liquidity and extended trading hours and more when you trade FX.

Top 6 Habits Of Successful FX Traders

Discover the top 6 habits of successful forex traders and learn how to make them a part of your overall trading strategy.

Fourth Quarter US GDP Figures Softer Than Expected

Fourth quarter GDP figures for the United States showed less momentum in the final quarter than analysts expected. Global economic woes contributing to the lower figure of 2.2% with 2018 coming in at 2.9%.

New Zealand Dollar Plummets as The Central Bank Looks to Lower Rates

The New Zealand dollar lost over 100 pips in 5-minutes as they kept rates on hold but opened the door for a rate cut in the near future.

Hot Topic: Cash vs futures CFDs – what’s the difference?

In the Contract for Difference market, you may sometimes notice that the contracts are described as relating either to cash or rolling futures. So, what’s the difference and does it matter to your trading?

Dollar Index Nosedives after Fed Chair Powell Cuts Rate Hike Plans for 2019

Fed Chairman, Jerome Powell, cut plans for any rate hikes in 2019, pushing the US dollar sharply lower, citing weak economic conditions.

British Pound Rolls Over as Brexit Plans are Almost Ripped Up

Theresa May's Brexit deal suffered another defeat overnight, losing by 149 votes. We take a look at the impact on the British Pound and the respective key levels.

EURUSD Breaks Below Key Support Line as Rate Hikes Unlikely in 2019 & ECB Makes Billions of Euros Available

The ECB kept rates on hold again but the biggest news to surprise investors was the ECB stimulus plan and Draghi's suggestion of no more rate hikes for 2019.

Effective Ways to Perform Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental Analysis is the process of examining the economic, social and political factors that might affect the price and performance of a financial asset.

Oil prices under pressure following EIA data + what chart pattern traders will be watching

Oil prices under pressure following EIA data + what chart pattern traders will be watching

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