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The AxiTrader team is full of people with decades of financial industry experience and knowledge of almost every aspect of trading. The AxiTrader Team blog, in addition to regular posts from our daily Market News contributors, is a place to share wider insights and ideas. In this section you’ll find posts about everything from Forex education and helpful hints for new traders to product updates and important market announcements. 

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Weekly Preview: U.S.-China Trade Optimism Boost Risky Asset, with Eyes on Brexit

USD: Back on the rising trend after trade optimism grows, retail sales on watch. AUD & NZD: Bullish sentiment for AUD on “soon to be ready” US-China trade deal. Mixed sentiment on NZD in anticipation of economic data release.

Top 6 Things You Need to Know When Trading in Australia

Do you love trading the Australian market, including the Aussie dollar and Aussie 200 index? We've outlined the top 6 things you need to know in our latest blog post here.

Weekly Preview: RBA rate meeting due on Tuesday and US job reports in focus

AUD & NZD remain bearish with low conviction given the mixed global sentiment on risk and on weak domestic data. Watch closely for developments on US-China trade talks.

Gold Weekly: Trade War, Politics and Global Growth to Cloud Gold’s Shine

Gold prices will remain under pressure as trade war concerns, global economic outlook and political issues dampen investor sentiment in the short-term.

Trading the Less Common Indices: What You Need to Know

Index trading is hugely popular, offering a quick way of getting exposure to the big macroeconomic factors that drive markets. We look at what drives four of the less well known equity indices.

Weekly Preview: RBNZ takes center stage and US Q2 GDP in sight

Market stays divided on further rate cut this year; US Q2 GDP to be released; Pound could whipsaw as Brexit deadline looms.

Gold Weekly: Swiss gold exports surge

Swiss gold exports surged to its highest levels since 2016, holding at a seven-year high last month driven by a rise in investors seeking haven assets.

Weekly Preview: US FOMC meeting in focus, 25 bps rate cut is widely expected

25 bps cut is widely expected in the coming FOMC meeting and Fed could be divided again. BoJ meeting is hesitant to push rate more negative and may resort to other innovate tools.

Hot Topic: Trading the major indices - what you need to know

Index trading gives easy exposure to many global economies. In the second of three articles, we look at the DAX, ASX, FTSE and DOW.

Weekly Preview: UK government’s ongoing Brexit disarray and ECB interest rate decision in focus

UK government’s ongoing Brexit disarray and ECB interest rate decision in focus

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