Forex Market News

Video: Market Morning - 17 July

Oil collapsed but forex markets are in hiatus as they await the next shoe to drop for the USD.

Video: This Week in Cryptocurrencies - 17 July

Greg looks into the charts that matter this week in Crypto markets.

Crude Oil Today - Collapsamundo!!!!

This is a big break for Brent...huge actually.

Forex Today - The USD is drifting as traders await Fed chair Jay Powell's testimony

Positioning appears to be an obstacle to the USD benefitting from solid data. 

Markets Morning - Oil collapses again, stocks and USD drift, US retail sales strong

All the overnight news and the MAcro drivers that matter.

Video: Market Morning - 16 July

It’s Monday, so we’ll have a look at the set up for markets on the weekly charts.

Crude Oil today - Will President Trump really tap the SPR?

Brent is near a very important inflection point.

Forex Today - A market long USD's is vulnerable as data improves elsewhere

Retail sales and EU inflation this week will be big inputs. 

Australia Today - Aussie at the whim of the USD while the ASX looks tired

Chinese data and markets reaction could be the key to how things pan out.

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