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Video: Market Morning - 15 August

A hiatus in EM selling pressure helped stocks higher, but the USD strengthened against the Majors. That’s something to watch. 

Crude Oil Today - Support is holding again after a wild ride overnight

Holding important support for now. 

Forex Today - The US dollar fightback last night shows the primacy of the Greenback right now

EM currency relaxation didn't extend to the Majors - except the CAD

Australia Today - Stocks higher as the Aussie dollar continues to slide

Can the ASX break and hold above the top of the range as the AUDUSD slides toward 72 cents and below?

Video: Market Morning - 14 August

The Turkish Lira had a wild ride, but the fact stocks didn’t collapse seemed to calm frayed nerves.

Video: This Week in Cryptocurrencies - 14 August

Greg McKenna’s weekly look at Bitcoin and what’s going on in the Crypto space.

Crude Oil Today - Support holds causing a sharp bounce after the overnight fall

Key support is holding - if it goes the outlook changes materially.

Forex Today - Well, that could have been a lot worse

USD still bid though off its highs.

Australia Today - Aussie lower and a break of the 4 month uptrend for the ASX 200

Changed circumstance has rendered Australian markets less attractive in the current environment.

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