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AxiTrader News

AxiTrader says prudent risk management prevails in the ‘Brexit’

AxiTrader Team | 27 Jun 2016

Following the results of the UK’s ‘Brexit’ referendum and the associated extreme volatility in currency markets, global leader in foreign exchange AxiTrader, has issued a statement confirming that a comprehensive risk management strategy implemented in the weeks leading up to the vote has ensured AxiCorp and its global subsidiaries, which include the flagship AxiTrader brand, have been unaffected by the adverse market conditions and that all business is continuing as normal.

AxiTrader News

'Brexit' Changes to Margin Requirements

AxiTrader Team | 15 Jun 2016

[UPDATED] Events which drive significant market volatility such as the June 23rd ‘Brexit’ Referendum can provide traders with increased opportunity, but also increased risk. In order to protect our clients from such significant market movements, our Risk Department will be taking a prudent course of action and temporarily making changes to the maximum leverage available and stop out levels for all positions.

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